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At times when children love to play games with their age-mates and like to run across the house, the six-year-old Edward chooses to practice tremendous creative and informative things. Edward’s qualities of acquiring fast knowledge and grasping the information from his surroundings quickly, makes him different from other children of his age.  

Edwards’s proud parents say that besides being a quick learner, the joyful child is also brilliant in extra-curricular activities, including dancing and drawing, making him suitable to fit into the child prodigy category. 

“Our little champ was 4 years old when he used to be busy discovering new and different objects, which no one could have imagined. We realised that god has gifted him multiple talents and he was best among other children of his age. Our wonder boy is now 6 years old and he has magic in his hands as he draws beautifully. Though he is also interested in dancing and singing, he manages his time to learn new things”, said Edward’s mother while talking to our team.

With his efficient communication skills, Edward is so confident that he loves to speak in front of the public. If he knows anything extraordinary, he loves to share it with others.

On asking about their kid’s achievement, his mother replied that Edward is presently studying in the U.K.G. class and since he is only going to school for two years now, it is difficult to assess his achievements in this time spam. “Surely, his capabilities will bring laurels to the school and the nation in coming years”, she said.

Assuming his child’s capabilities in the next 10 years, the lady said, “Edward will be pursuing his 9th or 10th class in the next ten years and at that moment, our focus will be in securing first rank in the state, in his 10th grade. Every parent dreams of their child topping the exams and securing a high-ranking job to get well settled.”

In terms of personality, Edward is an ambivert child who exhibits qualities of both introvert and extrovert. He takes some time to open up with other kids unless he shares some common interests. If he makes friends then he purely upholds the relationship with honesty. 

“Starting from the pregnancy news and till now, all the moments that we have shared are precious for me and his father”, said Edward’s mother, while describing some valuable moments with her little one.   

With having higher IQs than their agemates, the child prodigies often disconnect themselves from their companions and make themselves busy in their own world to discover new and innovative things.

“A time will come when people will start recognizing Edward with his capabilities and achievements. However, when he gains fame, we will make sure that our teachings help him to be thankful and down to earth. No matter at what height he reaches, we wish him to enjoy a disciplined life”, said little champ’s mother.

She further added, “I feel that if society is holding expectations from my child and that expectations are for good cause, then I will support them. But on the other hand, if the expectations are out of context or baseless, then I will never let any pressure fall on my child.”

Though it is said that girls have more caring nature than the boys, Edward proves it wrong. The kid is a kind-hearted person, who helps others in need. “He shares his food, games and other stuff with his friends.”

While giving advice to other parents, Edward’s mother said, “I firmly believe that every parent should encourage and guide their child from the initial stages. Parents must invest their time in their child’s studies, which includes clearing their doubts, and knowing what’s going on in their life. Plan vacations with family and play outdoor games with them as these activities will help the children to grow. And most importantly, go with the child prodigy platform.”




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