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“You are all the colours in one, at full brightness.” 

The only title we can think of while writing about the wunderkind Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani. Her abilities are not confined to one particular category as she is an entrepreneur, social worker, student, ambassador, content creator, author and a youtuber. Anshu is just a teenager, correction, Anshu is an extremely ambitious teen. 

Her journey began at the tender of 12 when she developed her first app. This was just the beginning as Anshu successfully established her name in every arena possible. She started coding when she was just seven and had an epiphany that coding could solve many real-world problems. Anshu further, understood the intricacies of daily-life problems and developed apps on Road Safety. She published her first book at the age of 17, titled as The Flame in my Heart. The book revolved around the dark times she has been through. She has actuated two organisation and a page constructive for Mental Health. She considers her company, Art for a Cause as the essential part of her journey. Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani has a sprightful online presence and riveting connections with people. 

Anshu has received many notable accolades across the country. She won merit for the ICAS Digital Technologies Olympiad Internationally with participants from all around the world. She emerged as a top participant in the Olympiad. Imposingly, Anshu has also won a gold medal for the International Informatics Olympiad with participation from more than 30,000 students. She even qualified for the National Science Championship from all over the country. Further, she has entered a Girls can Code competition which was conducted in one of the most prestigious university i.e., IIT, Hyderabad. Astonishingly, the list continues with her becoming a finalist for many national championships such as the one organised by North South Foundation, Asset Talent Search, Science Olympiad Foundation

She has founded the club titled as “Transforming lives with Coding.” By this club she reaches out to high intellect students who possess low income and help them develop small apps. Apart from this, Anshu involves college graduates who have degrees in computer science to create solutions for more accessible and interactive learning. The teams she leads has created three apps so far in the arena of education technology, mobile phone addiction and developed a constructive apps for safer driving. Anshu has published two research papers, one of which has won National Merit Publication by Isn’t Tech Publishing Academic Research Board. The other one was a project out of school under a college level PHD professor in the field of machine learning.

She have worked as a machine learning intern in Qbyte computing on optical character recognition and yield improvement use case for a pharmaceutical client. Anshu has gained 600+ certificates including advanced technical courses and received LORS for creating projects in artificial intelligence. 

She is an established content creator and a leading entrepreneur. Anshu is intrigued to be a part of something that can have a mass impact. In future, she wants to expand her NGOs and help more underprivileged children have access to education. Anshu has worked persistently towards developing apps and curiously talked about an interactive app she built for Universal Access to Education. 


I think my vision is the larger picture and what all I can do to achieve it is how I am choosing my work categories. 

Like diamond she is sparkling so bright and making everyone proud of her success. As an entrepreneur, she contributes her profit to the welfare of underprivileged children and hire talent that goes unnoticed. As a brand ambassador, she supports sustainable brands and as a content creator, youtuber pr an author, she creates words and post that educate people about mental health. Anshu truly leaves behind an impact on everyone. Her inspiring story, her self-conscious attitude is so riveting.  

To conclude she shared, “You can start at whatever age, there is no young or old. But as a woman and as a teenager, no one is going to take you seriously at the start but remember you can do it.”

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