Esther: The Inquisitive Child

Children have a fresh mind and they can learn a lot of things from a very tender age. Today we will be talking about Esther Adelle Richards, an intelligent girl who is only 2.3 years old but knows much more than a UKG kid would know. She is from Kolkata, West Bengal. She is the daughter of Mr. Vivian Mark Richards and Mrs. Rebecca Mary Richards. She is a very inquisitive child who loves to learn new things. She keeps on asking questions to her mother.

She remembers numerals from 1-10, Alphabet from A-Z, and also the word which can be associated with each alphabet, Days of the week, Parts of the body, more than 15 opposite words. She can identify birds, animals, fruits, and vegetables along with their names. She knows the action words by looking at the pictures in her book. She also knows various rhymes

When she was only 10 months old she knew the names of all the toys she had. Her mother had gifted her a lot of toys especially animals so that she can play and learn as well. Her mother had them names like The Dog Bruno, Bluto, The Panda Coco, The tortoise Terry and about a dozen toys with different names. Her mother was surprised to see when she was given all the toys her mother was naming. This is how they came to know that she is a quick learner with a sharp mind and memory. Esther is deeply interested in Picture Books and Colours.

Her mother sees her getting awarded medals and trophies for her academics soon. Esther is an extrovert and a very friendly child who loves to emerge as a leader. When she plays with other children in the neighborhood, she loves to teach them how to play and never let anyone be clumsy and the other children listen to what she says.

Esther is very young to understand fame and her mother will continue to encourage her to be a good human being.

Her mother has countless memory with her. Her mother is a single parent says that her love is twice for her and every moment with Esther will be cherished by her for a lifetime.

Her mother shared a few parenting tips that parents must talk to their children from an early age and introduce picture books to them as early as possible. Parents must not think that the children won’t understand anything and they are too small, they might not be able to speak but their minds are fresh and ready to learn.

Esther is a very sensitive, understanding, and affectionate child. She loves to help her family with small things like bringing a bottle of water, giving the box of spectacles to her grandmother. She is quite sensible and even settles her room after playing. Like every other child, she likes to do tantrums but when her mother tells her that she is tired, she immediately brings a pillow for her to say “Mama put your head down”. Her mother feels blessed to have a baby girl like her.

This was all about Esther. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavors.