Evan Dennis: A Multi-Talented Kid


Children possess innate talents and that talent shows up when they are exposed to the outer world with an ample amount of opportunities. Child prodigies discover their talent and do wonders at an early age. Today we will be talking about one such prodigy Evans Denis, a multi-talented kid. He studies at The Indian High school in Dubai. 


He is a kid who is full of liveliness and enthusiasm. He has different talents and the potential to be a great person in the future. He is very creative and comes up with innovative ideas. 


His father Mr. Dennis Koshy and mother Mrs. Lija Rajan told us that they discovered his talent at a very early age when he started showing some extraordinary skills in the 4th standard. After 10 years now, his parents see him as a professionally developed person who is known all over the world. He has achieved a lot of great things at a very tender age and many other milestones are yet to be achieved.


Evan was recognized as a young innovator in Expo 2020 for his Footwear Sensor Project which was worthy of appreciation. He has also been recognized by India’s Book of Records. Not only this but Evan has also won many prizes in STEM Technology Competition. He has a great urge for drawing and has also bagged many prizes in various drawing competitions. 


Evan started getting recognition at a very early age but still, he is a very down-to-earth person and treats others with respect. His parents have ensured him a normal childhood by teaching him the importance of simplicity and humbleness. The most memorable moment for his parents was the first day of Evan at school when he entered his school life at the age of 3 years. 


His parents told us that they do not feel any sort of pressure or expectations from society on Evan and they let him explore his interests and try different things. 

He takes a deep interest in knowing what is happening in his surroundings and comes up with different questions to know more.


Evan is a thoughtful person who loves to be around people. He is an extrovert and likes to go to different places with his family and friends. He is always ready to learn new things from others. He is interested in playing guitar, drawing, playing football, coding, and much more. His parents suggested a few parenting tips- “Parents must help their child in identifying their potential and interests and always guide them to choose the right path for them”. 

Evan is a sweet and intelligent kid who has empathy for others. He takes care of his family members in every way possible. He is a mentally strong child who knows how to keep up the balance with different things. He can act quickly during any sort of situation.

This was all about Evan Denis. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his upcoming future endeavours.