Fahm Ara Fatima. A- The Child Prodigy

The age-old debate of whether Geniuses are made or born has yet to conclude, however, time and again a Child comes along who challenges both the notion and Fahm Ara Fatima is one such child. Born in Chennai Tamil Nadu Fatima is a memory genius. She achieved great acclaim by identifying from flashcards: Alphabetical words: 26, Animals: 20, Fruits: 20, Birds: 20, Shape: 8, Parts of the body: 10 (both from the card and visually), Actions: 10 (performs), Objects: 15, Animals sound: 5, Rhymes with action: 2.

Fahmi was introduced to the world of memory experts by her mother when she was 5 months old. Her mother started showing her flashcards. She is very sharp since that time and showed interest in identifying the cards slowly that made her mother believe that she could come up with flying colors.

The activity started as a fun learning game but later it added up to the knowledge horizons of little Fatima and made her a prodigy eventually. Her mother introduced the activity to young Fahm and cultivated her genius; she believes that every child is a genius waiting to be recognized. We just need to identify their potential and help them grow.

However, her parents make sure that the expectations of society do not burden their children and have a normal childhood full of enjoyment and fun. “To ensure a normal childhood, we should understand that 90’s kids and gen-z are very different. As the generation is changing the children are hungry to learn something new. The First 8 Years of childhood are the building blocks. Don’t be in the cat race but identify the kid’s potential and start working on that, giving them space to grow. Instead of dumping a lot of knowledge let them grow at their own pace. Don’t isolate them. Give what is needed at the particular time” expressed Fahm’s mother. She has her separate identity, she is her self not just someone’s kid she further added.

Furthermore, Fahm’s mother Mrs. Afrin Taj S wants her to excel in academics and sports. Throwing some light on the memorable moments with her daughter she shared this incident. When Fatima was 7 months old her father Mr. Abdul Lathief A asked her to pick the phone, she enacted to make a call that surprised everyone at home. That showed that she has always been a keen observer. Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Watching TV is a hobby that most of us share but what we choose to watch, makes the difference. Fatima also has an interest in watching TV like every other child but she does virtual learning through TV – by watching Rhymes. She is not only leaving everyone awestruck by her qualities but is also winning hearts because of her pure soul. She never fails to feed fish, dogs, and cats (her furry friends) on time.

We are sure by now you are curious to know what parenting tips her parents follow that raised her to be such an intellectual child so here are some tips shared by them-



  1.  0 to 2 years is the age for a child when their brain will be sharp. It’s the perfect age for them to observe, understand and perform at their best. Do not force them on any. Just help them with the things they wanted to know, create their interest. As time goes, they’ll ask us for more.
  2. As a parent, when I started showing her flashcards many criticized me. But I didn’t give up and I want other parents like me to never give up. Think your kid like a post box and post them much useful and valuable information. You may not find output instantly but you’ll get it in a few months.

 3. Being a parent does good, talk good in front of the child as they’d be observing us very keen and revert.


These were some of the glimpses of child Prodigy Fahm Ara Fatima. A’s life. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.