Fayeez Sameer Sheikh- The Child Prodigy

“You are all the colors in one, at full brightness.”

The only title we can think of while writing about the wunderkind Fayeez Sameer Sheikh. His abilities are not confined to one particular category as he is proficient in dancing, singing and excellent in studies. He is an active child and never misses to take part in any competition. Kids need to have that spirit of sportsmanship and healthy competitiveness as it helps them to enhance their skills and expand their development horizons. And Fayeez is abiding by these golden rules of learning.

Bonnie Blair once said “Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before” and this is the quote Fayeez lives by. The young prodigy has been recognized and acknowledged on various platforms. In a candid interview with the Child Prodigy, he shared his thoughts and love for dance, singing, skating, and academics.

Parents must recognize their child’s talent timely so that they can channelize their skills in the right direction. Fayeez’s parents identified his talents as early as he was a toddler. His talents were first identified when he was 5 years old. Born to Sameer Shaikh (father) and Zaiba Sameer Shaikh (mother), Fayeez Sameer Sheikh is an extremely talented child. He loves dancing, skating, and singing.

He is an ambivert by nature and adjusts himself as per the environment. Like a diamond, he is sparkling so bright and making everyone proud of his success. While talking to team Child Prodigy Fayeez’s parents shared that they will make sure that all the fandom that their child will get does not rob him of his normal childhood. They further added that by giving them time to play and allowing them to do their favourite work, parents can ensure normal childhood for their children.

Parents play a vital role in a child’s success story. Fayeez’s parents also encourage him at every step. They made him join the summer vacation dance classes also to polish and enhance his passion. And he bagged the first position there in solo dancing competition for age group 5-10 years. His parents never give in to pressure nor does he. Participating in numerous competitions Fayeez never indulges himself in the number game, his main goal is to be the best version of himself. “I just want to do my best and perform happily,” says the little bundle of joy who shines the brightest when he is following his passion. Since we can see how enriched values prodigy Fayeez possesses, we asked his parents to tell their golden parenting mantra. To this they shared “allowance” is the key. “Allow your child to do their favourite activity” is the mantra they stress on!

Although not sure what he is going to become in the future he is positive that he wants to keep excelling and we at The Child Prodigy wish Fayeez Sameer Sheikh a life full of happiness, dance, singing, and skating.