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Christopher Morley rightly said, “We call a child’s mind ‘small’ simply by habit; perhaps it is larger than ours is, for it can take in almost anything without effort.” A child’s mind is filled with imagination and creativity which we as adults lack.

This prodigy has received a title at the tender age of one year. At such a small age this prodigy was able to recognize objects and pick them accordingly. He used to identify things and tell them. Gandhiva is two now and continues to impress everyone by his brilliance. He can describe the world, nature, instruments, fanatics, sounds and even emotions. Since, ten months, he was able to understand what his parents used to say and reacted accordingly. Gandhiva has sharp grasping skills and can learn things after one or two days of practice.

His mother uses the ‘fun with learning’ technique for her child. She even uses the forum of flashcards to make his learn things. His mother revealed that Gandhiva is a moody child as if he is in mood he will study from flashcards and if he is not, he will play or do other activities. Initially, he started recognising things in thin household arena only, that is how his parents realized that he was a gifted child. At this age, Ghandhiva  can relate to real time objects and recognize approximately everything around him.

Ghandhiva ’s mother threw light on the fact that ‘a medium school with good teachers is fine,’ emphasis on big schools just because of their name is like falling under their marketing scam. Ghandhiva  like all other kids loves to go out and socialise with others. This interaction makes him learn more about human reaction and helps him understand feelings of others. He is never forced to do anything and does whatever he wants to do. His mother shared that “as a mother we should be prepared for everything.” She has always observed her child and that has helped her know his interests. Ghandhiva ’s interests change incessantly and so does their parent’s direction. His mother makes him follow the same routine everyday so he remains in discipline and can achieve wonders.


Ghandhiva  has full freedom to do whatever he wants to and has never been pressurised into anything. Ghandhiva ’s story reminded of the famous quote, “the real magic wand is child’s own mind.”

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