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Lauren Myracle said “If everyone started off the day singing, just think how happy they’d be ” and we could not agree more. Music has forever been a significant characteristic of Indians. India’s rich cultural diversity has considerably contributed to a variety of folk music. Roughly every region in India has its own folk music, which portrays the way of life. From the north east to the south west region of India every nook and corner has been a part of and contributed to the rich heritage of Indian folk music. However with the advent of modern pop music folk singing is losing its popularity in mainstream media, but not all people follow the crowd, some choose to follow what their heart wants and Gayatri Joshi is one such personality.

Gayatri Joshi is an emerging folk singer, who came into limelight after landing the lead role in  Doordarshan’s DD-Kisan hit documentary “Chhoo lo aasman”. She also runs a youtube channel “Hk Digital ”. In a conversation with The Prodigy Team, Gayatri’s father Joshi Ranchhodbhai  shared  that Gayatri was interested and got fascinated by folk music when she was very young. Her talent is something which was innate but she got more exposure and time to improve herself during the pandemic.  In the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has quickly and dramatically accelerated  people’s pessimism but not only Gayatri used the time to improve herself but polished her skill to the best.

Furthermore Gayatri is an ambitious kid who wishes to become the number one folk singer in Gujarat. Her parents are very supportive of her dreams and never force her to do something she doesn’t want to. Her mother Joshi Jashiben shared that Gayatri regularly receives counseling which teaches her how to balance her academics as well as her singing in a healthy way. “We always support her emotionally and encourage her to do her best but we never pressurize her” she further added.

When asked if they face any difficulty raising a musical prodigy at such a young age Gayatri’s father shared that she has always been a very obedient and hardworking child. In addition to singing Gayatri also enjoys reading and is academically talented as well. A considerate kid, Gayatri also helps her parents in taking care of her younger siblings. He also shared an instance which showed Gayatri’s meticulous nature. “She never rejects our instructions, in one of her song recordings, she was singing a note. Although she sang it properly, I asked her to change the sur and she changed it immediately. However  after the final cut  I realized she gave her best and change wasn’t necessary but she never threw a tantrum and did what was asked of her to do her best” he shared with a smile.

Working really hard with patience and lots of hope for the kid, Gayatri parents try their best to provide her the finest platforms to showcase her talent and improve. They also firmly believe that in order to bring out the best in a kid, parents should try to identify their interests and help them by guiding them. Not impose but provide the platforms where the kid’s talent is accepted and recognized.



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