Gunisha: The Multi-Talented Girl

Child prodigies have a strong interest in the domains in which they can focus and have the ability to produce something meaningful out of it. They have sufficient energy and dedication to follow their dreams. They have the urge to learn something new at every moment. Today we will be talking about a multi-talented girl Gunisha, who is a motivational speaker, a podcaster, a life coach as well as an author. She is the daughter of Dr. Manoj Kumar and Mrs. Neha. She studies at Aga Khan Primary School, Dar es Salaam.

She is quite attentive to learning new things. She is a special child as she was born within 6 months only. She has clarity in her mind and a passion for reading books. She keeps herself updated with the things going on around her as well as around the world. She has a touch of freshness in her speech. She is very passionate about the messages she conveys. She lives in the present, enjoys every moment, and radiates a lot of positive energy. She has excellent communication and time management skills.

She is the author of the book “Little things matter”. She has bagged various records and has got her name registered in India’s Book of Record, Asia’s Book of Record, and the International Book of Record.

After 10 years from now, her parents wish to see her among the world’s top leaders. Her parents also added that children have their specialty, all they need is a direction to become eager and follow their dreams.

Although she has earned a lot of records and awards, Gunisha has always stayed grounded and her parents have always taught her to live simply and aim higher.

She is very affectionate that once she was walking with her mother in the street and a bike passed by and got touched her mother, she shouted out loudly and pulled her mother back and ensured if she was okay. She is also interested in drawing, handicraft, and coding.

Her parents never pressurize her for anything rather encourage her to do the work she is comfortable at. She is also a cool-headed girl who knows what to do and how to do it.

Her parents suggested a few parenting tips to us that parents must help their children in developing & analyzing their interests, let them be who they are, support them, and appreciate their every small or big accomplishment.

She is an ambivert i.e., she likes to be in the company of others as well as like to spend some time with herself. She is very considerate of her family as well her friends. She even wakes up at the midnight to ensure that her father is having his quilt so that he doesn’t catch a cold. She helps her mother in household activities. She asks her mother to take a rest when she finds that her mother has done a lot of work.

This was all about Gunisha. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes her all the best in her future endeavors.