Gurbaaz Singh Jassi- The Child Prodigy


“We must teach our children to dream with their eyes open,” says Harry Edwards. Dreams become the fuel for the kids on their way to success. We here are talking about Gurbaaz Singh Jassi from Vivek High School, the son of Sarwan Singh Jassi and Disha Jassi who is an amazing kid with amusing skills. When he was 18 months old, he stood in front of the TV and read the brand name SONY. Another moment was when he was 3 years, and his parents were revising tables with their daughter and he started giving the answers. These were the moments that led to the recognition of such extraordinary potential within him.

He was able to tell the alphabetical order and also fill the missing alphabets. By the time he turned 24 months, he was well versed with numbers up to 500 and easily recognized the numbers and write them in increasing order. As he turned 2.9 years, he started reading complete sentences in storybooks. At age 3 he was able of doing simple addition and the products of numbers on multiplying with itself up to 12 and tables of 2-13. He learned Roman numbers from 1 to 1600 in just 3 days at the mere age of 3.9 years.

We asked Gurbaaz’s parents about where do they wish to see their child in the next 10 years from now to which they said, he is a fast learner and is very much inclined towards numbers and mathematics at the moment, and loves to explore his elder sister’s books and chooses what he wants to do. They said they hope to introduce Gurbaaz to coding in BlockChain in the coming years, depending upon his interests. They say Gurbaaz is an ambivert i.e. someone who is comfortable with people and also has no issues in being alone.

We asked them about their opinion on the notion that Child Prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQs and are busy discovering things in their zone they shared that they agree with child prodigies isolating themselves from their peers and they believe so because such kids have an explorative nature and their surroundings fascinate them. Talking specifically about Gurbaaz they stated that he enjoys the company of other kids but if he is indoors he is more interested in playing with number cards or scribbling words rather than socializing. He finds a calculator much more interesting than any toy.

We made them aware of the unimaginable fame that follows with the platform we provide and how they will ensure a normal childhood for their child they said that they will ensure he gets basic education and explores the world at his own pace. They will spend quality family time together and make him learn through play and let him enjoy his childhood to the fullest.

Sharing about some memorable moments they told, once while traveling they stopped at a traffic light and there was a bus parked next to them and Gurbaaz read the letters on it and said ” Syndicate” with such an ease that they were awestruck. He is fascinated with numbers, counting above billion, tables, and roman numbers.

As parents, they make sure to protect him from any kind of pressure from society and recommend other parents not to pressurize the child and give them a good environment to bloom. They feel Gurbaaz is an affectionate and helpful kid also kind towards animals. As he is just 3.9 years, he never had the opportunity to attend offline classes at school but we are all sure that he will shine as one of the brightest stars when the opportunity comes. This was all about Gurbaaz Singh Jassi and the Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future endeavours.