Hisham K Shameer: The All-rounder

Children of today are extraordinarily talented and productive. They achieve success at a very young age and continue to explore their talent to a new level. The Child Prodigies have proved that age is just a number for them to achieve something great. Today we will be talking about Hisham K Shameer, a versatile child. He studies at Dunes International School in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi.

He is very talented in Music, Dance, Public speaking, Creative writing, Martial Arts, Photography, and Volunteering. The first time his parents discovered his inclination towards dance was when he was only 5 years old. He keeps on exploring new things and always tries to acquire a new skill set. He loves dancing, playing guitar, karate, photography, videography, and volunteering. He is an optimistic person and always finds positivity in every situation. He tends to complete various tasks without seeking help from others.

After 10 years from today, his parents Shameer Habeeb (father) and Rahmath Shameer (mother) see him as a successful business entrepreneur which he aspires.

He is a very creative, supportive, and motivational leader. He is an independent person and loves to do things on his own. His parents think that most child prodigies contribute things differently to the world by isolating themselves and discovering various things independently instead of getting regaled with their peers.

He has a very long list of achievements and some are listed below:

He secured 2nd place in Hindi Poem Competition, 2nd position in Spooky Story Writing Competition, 3rd position in Essay Writing at the Annual Literary Competition organized at his school when he was in the 7th standard.

He secured 3rd position in the Spelling Bee Emirates Level Championship organized by the Royal Institute of Languages and 1st position in a Quiz Competition at the Sahithyotsav Abu Dhabi Zone Risala Study Circle, UAE in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

Secured 1st rank in Spelling Bee Interschool Championship organized by Royal Institute of Languages in 2014.

He got the Level 1 Award “Grade 1 Plectrum Guitar” by Trinity College London in 2019.

Secured 1st place in Melody Dance Fest 2020-Guitar Competition organized by Melody Music Institute, UAE

He got Black Belt Sho Dan from International Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate-do organized by Oriental Karate & Kobudo Club, UAE.

He secured 2nd position in an Online Brown Belt KATA Championship organized by Oriental Karate & Kobudo Club, UAE in the year 2020.

He participated in the ISEA National Level Competition-2020-Essay organized by the Writing Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, India, and got a certificate for the same.

He received the Certificate of Competency in Python Programming Course by MyCaptain in 2021.

 According to his parents, he is a humble person, who has a clear vision of the things going on around him, hence fame and recognition are not going to affect his childhood in any way. Rather, this will encourage him to be more energetic and supportive of others.

Some of the most memorable moments that Hisham’s parents shared with us are that when Hisham danced on Shahrukh Khan’s song when he was in 1st standard, he was full of excitement and happiness and gave a superb performance and when he took initiative to volunteer for the social events.

He always takes up initiatives and responsibilities happily and executes them successfully. He developed an interest in directing short films and left his parents amazed by his filmmaking ability. He is interested in making short films that are based on spreading good messages and creating awareness among society.

Some parenting tips by his parents are:

Parents must support and help the children to nurture their talent so that they can be the best version of themselves and have a bright future. 

Since parents are the foundation pillars under their children’s glorified future, they must set them free to explore their talent.

He is always there whenever his family needs him. He is a sympathetic and cooperative person. He ensures that his family is happy with whatever he is doing.

This was all about Hisham K Shameer. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the very best for his upcoming endeavors.