Hitarth Ajay Singhania – The Child Prodigy

To ingrain exceptional qualities and abilities at a very young age has proved that the word prodigy says a lot about one’s behavior.

Moreover, one needs to prepare for the maths exam to clear the examination and by heart, the formulas, isn’t it?

This young prodigy Hitarth Ajay Singhania has invented the method of solving division on his own at the age of 8. At the age of 8, he has done marvelous work which may be beyond the reach of one’s caliber. He has proved the word prodigy does exist till now and has become a perfect example for the same. Coming up with an innovative method of his own has made him different from others. His parents have become amazed and proud that his kid has a unique talent.

One day Hitarth was doing his maths homework when his mother noticed that he is using some other method of division. She asked him “Is there any other method taught to you in school?” to which he denied. He told that this is the only method he has been using, he was in grade 2 then. All curious to know more about it his mother went to the school and asked the maths teacher, if she has taught some other method. Even she refused and saw the sums that Hitarth was solving. To everyone’s much amaze all the sums solved by that method turned out to be correct. Awestruck by his talent this matter was discussed with the Director, Vice Principal and Principal. Finally it was discovered that he has discovered a new method of solving maths division problems. When his mother was certain that he has invented a new method she forwarded it to India Book of Records. And even they recognised this achievement of Hitarth. This incident pays testimony to the fact that he is a child prodigy and is a God Gifted child. 

 In an interview where questions were asked about his future related. One of the questions was where do you see your kid after ten years down the line? His mother replied I see him as a great mathematician with a big smile on her face. Another question was about a memorable moment you had with your little kid? When he first held my hand there he proved himself that he is different from others. At last, how would you like to end this interview? My kid is not only super talented also he can look after me whenever I feel sick he makes sure that he makes me happy even without doing anything. He takes all the responsibility before even asking him.  He gives me no reason to become sad. When it is about me looking after him. I make assure that extra care is given to him.

 There are a plethora of achievements he has received like education minister of Kolkata regarded him as an asset of the nation and he was awarded by India books of record. He has received all these achievements because he was the kind of child who was busy doing something innovative rather than involved much with peers.

This was all about Hitarth Ajay Singhania . The child prodigy wishes him all the best for future endeavours.