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Prodigies dazzle us with their virtuoso violin concertos, seemingly prescient chess moves, and vivid paintings. While their work would be enough to impress us if they were 40, prodigies typically reach adult levels of performance in non-verbal, rule-based domains such as chess, art, and music before the age of 10. Similarly, this brilliant child, Ina Kay with her sharp grasping skills learned the 118 elements of the Periodic Table and broke the record by becoming the youngest to recite it in the lowest time from memory.

Ina’s impressive skill does not end here, as she learned to do gymnastics, realistic sketching and even coconut tree climbing all by her own. She has won many Spell Bee competitions and also achieved a rank in Logiqkids exams. Ina Kay impressively broke the international record from Indian Book of Records for being the youngest to recite 118 elements of the periodic table in the lowest time. From early years of childhood, Ina has shown commendable approaches towards learning and grasping new things. Further she has been intrigued to gain more and more knowledge about her surroundings and the society she belongs to. Proud to her parents, Ina showcases excelling skills and potentials in the field of academia also. Not just that, she has been excelling in every aspect of her life.

As a child, she has shown ambivert qualities of personality. Her parents recollect the memory or them travelling or visiting to birthday invites or any get togethers, after enjoying and mingling up with everyone she would find something to read or stay back and spend some time alone with herself. Spending alone time can be worthy as it helps individuals to explore their potentials and have an insight into their skills. Hopefully, Ina recognised the importance of time alone. The question has been raised multiple time in front of Ina, that why she like beings alone for which she answers that she feels bored playing.

Her parents shared that for the fame she has been receiving so far, they have asked her to lead a normal way to life. They add, “We will try to convince her for all these are beautiful gifts and moments of life, just live normal, enjoy these gifts and focus on your happiness and dreams.” This the ‘golden mantra’ of proud parents of such a talented girl Ina. Ina is the ‘giggle at the house,’ everyday is a memorable one with her, her parents expressed. They added, “we feel gratitude seeing her learning new things each day on her own.”


Ina loves reading new books and is intrigued to learn something new ahead of her grade. Her parents revealed that, “This is a special gift of almighty and when that supernatural power is around her to protect her and we have never felt pressure of the society’s expectations.” According to one account, it is possible that most anyone could be a prodigy, with the right environment. To be uplifted incessantly to reach your aims and considerate support creates wunderkinds. Such inspiring stories have support in nascent stages of its beginning. Similarly, Ina’s parents believe that appreciating your child’s interests and supporting them can help them grow into better beings. Pressuring them or forcing them to do anything beyond their capabilities can be hindering for their growth.

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