Jagjot Singh: The Gatka Player


Physical fitness is a state of healthy body and mind which enables us to perform to the best of our potential. The skill-related physical fitness helps you to perform well in sports and other activities. It enhances strength, endurance, and wellness. Today we will talk about one such child Jagjot Singh, who is physically and mentally strong.  He has good flexibility and coordination of muscles. He has strong reflexes which help him to react faster to any outer stumble in the best possible manner. He is an enthusiastic child who is full of energy and liveliness. He lives in Jammu and studies in RM Public School, Sainik Colony, Jammu. He is the son of Late. S. Dharminder Singh and Miss Nirmaljeet Kaur.

His parents discovered his talent at the age of 4 when everyone appreciated him for being good at Gatka-martial arts.

Gatka is a form of traditional martial arts which is primarily related to the Sikhs of Punjab. In this art wooden sticks are used to create a style of stick-fighting. It is recognized at the national level. 

He always had a passion for learning martial arts. Jagjot has good physical fitness, fighting skills, and a calm mind which has helped him to perform better in Gatka. 

He is a self-disciplined child and always respects every person. He is a cheerful kid who always keeps his body alert and attentive. He has the personality traits of an ambivert which is between that of an extrovert and an introvert. He is very focused, social, and talkative as well as enjoys spending time alone. 

The most memorable moment for Jagjot’s mother was when he spoke ‘Mom’ for the first time. Her mother told us that she has never felt any sort of pressure or expectations from society on Jagjot. She further added that she has a lot of patience to handle every situation that is going to arise in front of her related to her child. She has filled Jagjot with essential moral values and helped them to discover the best version of themselves. According to her mother, patience plays an important role in raising a child prodigy.

His mother shared a few parenting tips with us;

1. Parents must support their children in every way possible.

2. Help the child to perform better in whatever field he/she is interested in. 

3. Understand the child and communicate with them properly.

Playing Gatka has always developed a sense of curiosity in Jagjot’s mind to learn about this martial art in deep and perform better in it. He is a very honest child who is considerate and thoughtful of others. He is very caring and helps his mother with the household chores. He loves to spend time with his family and have fun with them. His responses are quick and up to the mark. He can handle situations on his own without seeking any help from others.

This was all about Jagjot Singh. The entire team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future endeavours.