Jeevan Ganesh: The Child Prodigy

Children of today are very enthusiastic and filled with positive energy to do something. Today we will be talking about one such child, Jeevan Ganesh, who reached the level of an adult expert in martial arts (Silambattam and Karate) at the age of 7. He studies at The Indian Public School (TIPS) in Perungudi, Chennai. Jeevan had started performing Silambattam when he was just 5 years old. He participated in a State Level Competition at the age of 6 and won medals and awards. He has a Green Belt in Karate and the Kachai in the Silambattam Martial Art.

His parents Dr. K. Ganesh and Dr. R. Hemachitra discovered his talent when he was very young that is at the age of 4. He used to watch the Martial Arts (Silambattam and Karate) training conducted for the senior students and started performing on his own. His parents got him enrolled in training with a special coach at the age of 5 and from there his journey to learning martial arts started. 

He does what he likes with full consistency. Looking at the current scenario, as per his interest in martial arts, his parents see him performing Silamabattam and Karate at the International level soon.

Jeevan will gain a black belt in Karate and reach the final level in Silambattam soon. According to his parents, there are high chances that Jeevan may start his school to coach his juniors.

Some of his achievements are listed below:

He won the Silver Medal in the Mathematics Olympiad and English Olympiad in the Silver Zone Olympiad Examination. 

He is a great swimmer and has participated in various swimming competitions organized at State Level.

He won 3rd prize in the Kata (Karate) as well as the Kumite (Karate) Competition of Karate at the age of 7.

He performed Silambattam on the Stage in a State Level Tournament at the age of 6.

Jeevan has won various competitions in the school both in Grade 1 and 2 like – Folk Singing Competition, Collage Making Competition, Show and Tell Hindi Competition, Star Making Competition, Public Speaking and Creative Writing Competition, Just-a-Minute Competition, and so on.

He has also won the 3rd prize in the International Drawing Competition organized by Wiser Academy. 


Although there are many memorable moments with Jeevan some of the most special is when Jeevan went to an orphanage to celebrate his birthday with those kids and served food to them when he wrote an article on “Matter of Fact” and it got published in the Newsletter of the School and when he participated in the Republic Day Celebration.

Some of the parenting tips from his parents are:

1. Never pressurize your kid for anything he does not like and tell them that they have a special talent in them.

2. Let them explore their interest and help them in enhancing their talent to turn it into a highly developed skill. 

Jeevan takes interest in gaming (Roblox & Minecraft), listening to songs, dancing, swimming, solving mathematics puzzles, learning English, learning new skills, and talking to his father regarding technology. He is an extrovert and likes to discuss with his family the new idea that comes to his mind. His awareness regarding things around the world and interest in Roblox and Technology is commendable. He takes care of his mother and brother very well at home and also helps her mother with household chores.

This was all about Jeevan Ganesh. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future endeavors.