Jyash Tholiya- “National Anthems Lover”

9-year-old Jyash has eyes on Guinness record with 100 Nation Anthems on his lips

Kids these days grasp movie songs very quickly. But they do not show much inclination towards patriotic songs until and unless it is a part of their course. After they learn about their country’s rich history and develop immense respect for their nation it is then when they learn and recite their National Anthem by heart. In the case of Jyash, the story is not the same. This genius kid in grade 5 has immense respect for every nation and shows interest in learning their National Anthems by heart.

Let’s know a bit about him-

Jyash was born in India and spent his early childhood in the USA. Jyash has a passion to memorize and sing National Anthems of different countries. He is currently in primary school. Jyash has always been recognized as a bright student in his school. He has also participated in School plays and delivered speeches. This talented child along with his mother has shared an audiovisual for motivating people affected due to the COVID-19 situation.


He had no fixed plan to learn 100 National anthems. He learned them out of curiosity. “I was watching a cricket match one day and I heard the national anthem of a neighboring country which fascinated me a lot. I searched it and memorized it and then I searched anthems of other countries also. After this one day, I was walking with my friend and he heard me humming National Anthems of other nations and he told my parents. Then my parents asked me to recite them and also played around 30 national anthems. I was able to recognize all of them. Then I requested my parents to make my video and the video got huge appreciation. This encouraged me to learn 100 National Anthems which helped me in making the record” shared Jyash.

So far Jyash has made records in reciting National Anthems. He made his first record with 13 National Anthems and his Latest record is with 100 National Anthems. Despite being working parents, his parents have been very supportive in his journey.  They made his YouTube channel and his Facebook page by the name “Voice of Jyash”. This little star already has 2k+ likes on Facebook and almost 200 subscribers on his YouTube channel.  Jyash also shared that he used to Romanise the anthems of other nations and if in case there were still some words that were not translated then his parents used to contact their friends abroad and ask for its meaning.


As Jyash has memorized and tried sang National Anthems of 100 countries including all SAARC countries. Jyash has been recognized by the Indian Book of Records and Asia Book of Records for this.

A brief of these hundred National Anthems-

SAARC- 8Non- SAARC Asian Countries- 25

Europe- 22

Africa- 19

Caribbean- 12


North America-3

South America- 2

He has eyes on the Guinness record and shared that when he will be turning 16, he will memorize the National Anthems of 195 UN-recognized countries and will create a new record. Just like any normal kid even this child prodigy has some hobbies. But the list of his co-curricular activities is also a testimony to the fact that he is an all-rounder child. Jyash likes swimming, skating, cycling, playing chess, learning more about computers and programming, learning multiple languages, browsing, and reading about history and culture around the world.

Aren’t you amazed after reading about a 9-year-old genius? Well, we are sure that you are! Kudos to the parents for recognizing the talent of their child and searching the right platforms for Jyash’s exposure.