Kartik: The App Developer

Coding is a much-needed skill that helps in the development of the brain and helps in activating the learning centers of the brain. It improvises memory as well as cognitive skills. Coding helps the kids to consume digital media as well the technology. Today we will be talking about the youngest app developer, Kartik. He is basically from Jhanswa in Haryana. He studies at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kaloi (Jhajjar). He is quite talented, filled with enthusiasm and positive energy. He is a very thoughtful person, who always thinks for the betterment of other people. When he was young, he used to think of doing some work to contribute to the welfare of society and needy people.

He possesses remarkable digital skills and he is amazing at creating videos, illustrations, google documents, etc. He has created a beautiful and picturesque children’s encyclopedia. He has also designed digital courses and resources for students. His parents Mr. Ajit and Mrs. Sushila discovered his talent for the first time when he was 11 years old.

He has already designed two apps and a course website. He is a great tutor and helps people learn to code. He has also written a book named “The Coding World”.

Kartik had participated in an International Website Design Competition where he designed a google website on the topic ” Humans and Space “. He had collaborated with the schools from USA and Russia and won a Silver Award for the primary team of his school Jawahar Andaya Vidyalaya Jhajjar, Haryana. Not only his parents but also his school teachers and Principal were amazed to see his extraordinary skillset. Such an extraordinary skill set at this young age makes him a child prodigy.  

He takes immense interest in reading and coding. He is a self-motivated person and has a problem-solving attitude. He is a creative thinker and loves to play around with logical reasoning. He devotes most of his time to learning new skills. Each day opens up a world of new ventures for him and his quest never ends.

He is always overwhelmed to join courses and virtual training of NASA for Young Scientists from all over the world. He has much more to accomplish. All he needs is a proper platform and continuous support to carry on his journey and exploration.

His parents told us that they do not feel any sort of pressure or expectations from society and their happiness of Kartik is their priority to them. They believe that his hard work is certainly going to pay off. Kartik’s parents never pressurize him for doing something he doesn’t like. They rather motivate him to explore his talent and perform to the best of his abilities.

His parents also added a few parenting tips that parents must also work along with the child to set his/her goals, support them emotionally, help them stay motivated, and appreciate their every little achievement.

This was all about Kartik. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the very best in his future endeavors.