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“Whenever there is darkness, there is an extraordinary opportunity for light to burn brighter “

It is always the curiosity of a child that leads them to create wonders. If the curious questions are entertained by the parents at the right time then the child can be on the path of discovering new things and polishing the talent.

Today we will be talking about the Child Prodigy- Kautaliya Veer who has made the country proud because of this curious trait of his that lead him to make achievements after achievements. He is the one who would question his teachers till the time his concepts are clear.  

 Having an immense interest in Astrophysics, he often sleeps on the terrace to get a dark view of the sky and millions of twinkling stars. Not only this, to widen his horizons of knowledge he reads a lot of theories given by top space scientists and conducts research on that. To our great amaze we found that he has a huge collection of his research papers.

By now we are sure that you are convinced that he leaves no stone unturned to add more data to his knowledge. He frequently discusses space science with some amazing scientists and professors from various countries. While interacting with the Child Prodigy Team his parents told with sparkling eyes that “We feel overwhelmed when we see our child discussing research topics with scientists aged more than times than him. His room always remains unorganized due to a lot of papers here and there”.

Wait! Let us amaze you more! So Kautilya Veer is a creative designer and has made a telescope on his own when his parents denied buying him an expensive telescope. And now his plans are sorted for the nights with clear skies! He observes the sky with the telescope that he has made himself.  Apart from thinking just about planets, he thinks about the origin and fate of the universe as his major job. He, his computer, telescope, and a bunch of papers make up his entire universe. All the wide spectrum of knowledge that he has helped him to create found his startup “CosmCraze” in September 2020 to think about space and raise awareness about it. Today, a lot of enthusiasts like him are working together in CosmCraze from various countries of the globe. He has a great leadership quality due to which, he is managing a big team and everyone is working together. He recently was awarded “Silver Honor” in International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition organized by Edu Harbour, Germany in the whole world. It is one of the largest astronomy competitions in the world.

Making all of us proud, he bagged All India Rank 4 in Indian Space Science Olympiad. Looking at his so extraordinary profile, Swiss Space Tourism appointed him as “The Chief Representative in India”. Being such at science, he is the “Physics Prodigy” of his school and “Little Einstein” for his friends. He is also the Co-CEO at Front Forum Focus which is an initiative by youth to bring youth together and build something innovative and help humanity. He is the one who would always keep humanity as his priority over anything else.

Kautilya Veer is also a good public speaker and has won numerous awards for his speeches. He always speaks differently from the regular tradition, which makes him one out of the crowd. “Be Different, People will notice you even if you aren’t right.” This is one of his frequent sayings. He is the one who would stand against the topic in a debate if everyone else is in favor of the topic.  According to him, “Nothing is completely right or wrong. If you can spot the GOODs and BADs of any topic, the debate is yours.”

He also loves to code and makes a lot of crazy things with this skill. Being a Python coder, he can create many useful yet fun things. Kautilya is also good at sports. He does Taekwondo. Recently, he won a Gold Medal in Indo-Nepal Taekwondo Tournament. He is also a writing geek and writes, stories, ideas, books, DIYs, and a lot more. He has published his e-book, “The $ Billion Key” on Amazon which is about how to start a startup. Along with these, he has a lot more interests in which he’s working in. He always wants to motivate more and more kids to do something different, something that they love.

Mr. Ajay Kumar Thakur (Father), Mrs. Minu Thakur (Mother) ensure that their child remains grounded even after all the fame. They always behave normally to him and firmly believe that if fame will take the catch hold of Kautilya’s mind then that can increase the egotistical level and ruin his learning mentality.

Since the parents have raised a prodigy, we were curious to know what are the parenting tips that the parents have to share with other parents so they shared some key points like-

1) Don’t force kids to do something; let them find out their interests.

 2) Never judge them based on marks they get in school. This demotivates the child.

 3) Try to keep them a bit away from people. They will create their universe.

 4) Appreciate your kid for every small achievement.

He is also very concerned about the environment and always tries to save every drop of water. He reasons that “Drinking water is limited on Earth” for the same.

He has won many prestigious awards like Silver Honour at IAAC 2021, All India Rank 4 in Indian, Space Science Olympiad 2021, Best journalist award in Youth Parliament, 2019, 3rd prize at Science and Technology Debate Competition, Founder of CosmCraze, Co-CEO at Front Forum Focus

 Gold Medal at Indo-Nepal Open Peace Taekwondo Championship 2021, Youth Ambassador

 Title of “Most Likely To Choose Astronomy Over Sleep” by the University of Arizona and many more.

This was all about Kautilya Veer who has made us super proud with his achievements. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.



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