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A flight simulator is a device that artificially re-creates aircraft flight and the environment in which it flies, for pilot training. This Aviation training device (ATD) and it’s  real time vehicle dynamic is often used by professionals to get a better hold of their field however Kazan Desai created a buzz when he managed to fly on his own at the young of six years old in this ATD. Kazan is a child Prodigy who took the world by surprise when he started flight simulator when he was just five. The Prodigy Team indulged In a candid conversation with Kazan’s father to know more about this young achiever.

“Once we were travelling, when he was three and he said let’s play a game of finding words that other people call. I thought he was going to look for three letter words but he started calling out words from hoarding. This is when I thought it was unusual. I always thought that when he sat with books he was admiring pictures, but actually learnt to read, “ says Jim Desai, Kazan’s father who himself is in awe of the child’s talent. Not only Good at ATD, Kazan is also a very quick learner and started showing his interest in reading very young. “He learnt to read on his own and when he was three and half years he was already reading encyclopedias. He also knew all the countries of the world and He learnt to tell time in 24 hrs at the age of 4” said Jim.  Learning all the chemical elements by the age of five, Kazan once again portrayed his astonishing generous learning power. He is also the winner of Science Olympiad 2020 topping the competition in his entire zone. Taking only half an hour to understand the concept of time and cardinal points, Kazan proved to be a great learner.

Furthermore Kazan is an extroverted kid and disregards the notion that child Prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their own zone.“Normalize their extraordinary achievements. The more you highlight it, the more they want to isolate themselves” says Tanvee who further shared that encouraging the quality of leadership is also of utmost importance when it comes to child upbringing. In addition to the inculcation of leadership qualities Kazan’s parents make great efforts to teach him the value of compassion. Telling him to share and give to the needy is one principle Kazan’s parents teach him religiously. “He talks to kids on the streets and arranges parties for them on christmas and children’s day. He also Visits spastic home and orphanage homes with us” shared Jim desai with a smile, who is proud of his compassionate kid.

Kazan is also very interested in biking and planning trips along with reading. His awareness of things around the world, interest in bank details, profit and loss, is all very commendable. He generally plans the complete holiday for his family, shared Tanvee Desai, Kazan’s mother. When asked about how they managed to inculcate a feeling of fascination and curiosity in Kazan’s mind at a young age Mrs Tanvee explained not forcing your thinking on your kids but letting them learn on their own is vital. “Never take pressure from society and do not pressurize the kid. Let them do what interests them” added Kazan’s father Jim.

On being asked where they would like to see Kazan after ten years his parents give a laudable answer.” I see him doing whatever he likes. I have never pressured him and never will” said Jim who also firmly believes parents have to ensure that they teach their kids that everyone has something special within and not pressurize them . He asserted that one should never pressurize their child but encourage their interests and then only the kid and his talent will shine like diamonds. 



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