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A yoga prodigy of about 11 years, Ishwar Sharma from London, UK. He is an international yoga performer and speaker. He is a world-renowned yoga performer spreading awareness about Yoga and its benefits. 

In an interview with him, we got to know that his yoga skills are innate and he started practicing yoga at the tender age of 3. Ishwar Sharma was challenged by the Yogic asanas and he then became habitual to it. He revealed that he would copy his father doing yogic asanas. Yoga became his lifestyle. 

His peers were flattered by his unique skills and wanted to learn from him. So he started training them. He reminisces that his friends found his skill quite “cool”. Ishwar Sharma initially started via this path. Pandemic has been a nemesis for everyone’s health. There has been no exercise whatsoever and yoga is the only way we can have some momentum in our lives. All you need is a little bit of space at your home. 

Ishwar threw light on the benefits of yoga on our mental health. When our mental, physical and spiritual aspects are not in sync, our mental state is hindered. Even if one of the above areas is out of place, others might disconnect as well. Yoga is a relaxation method to maintain our body equilibrium. Ishwar Sharma explained that he overcame ADHD because of Yoga. Yoga bridges the three aspects and results in perfect equilibrium. Mentally, we tend to get in a calm mode; physically, we get fit, and spiritually, we find peace. Yoga also ascends concentration levels in us. 

Yoga, he adds, is just another form of meditation. Yoga asanas are just one aspect of it. Ishwar explains how yoga is just more than asanas. It is a lifestyle. 

Do we need to follow some kind of diet while practicing yoga? Ishwar told us that he does not follow any diet. He just eats healthy food and tries to consume junk sporadically. Overloading can result in a debilitating phase. He said and we quote “Be yourself and be healthy.”

When asked, where he sees himself in 5 years from now? He jokingly replied, “Maybe in my chair.” He has a keen interest in different animals, so maybe he will travel the world. He was quite sure about having a bonsai collection in upcoming years. 

Ishwar Sharma revealed how he does not like being interviewed but has to cooperate to spread knowledge about yoga. He illustrates that yoga is getting popular in recent years and he feels happy about it. We asked him if yoga is as popular in the West as it is in India. Ishwar explained that yoga is spread everywhere but finding the right one can be a bit difficult. He asserted that some yoga teachers did not accept him while other yoga methods were too basic and unchallenging for him. 

Many people try their hand at yoga but over expect things after just one session. Ishwar requests people to understand the salient role of patience. Practice can only bring out the result we are expecting. Just one session of yoga cannot provide the expected reaction. It needs patience and a lot of practice. We need to merge with yoga to be moved or changed.

“Practice makes you better”- Ishwar Sharma

Ishwar tries to throw light on the pragmatic aspects of yoga. He asks people to not just do the asanas but also practice breathing and meditation exercises. 

Yoga can be life-changing, you just need a guru who can introduce you to the light of knowledge.

You can follow Ishwar Sharma’s Instagram to have new updates. His handle is yoga solutions. He uploads asanas sporadically with their benefits and aims. 

“Be happy with what you do, do what you enjoy. You will progress very fast and you will be happy and be on the right track, it may be yoga or it can be something else. Practicing yoga or practicing anything can lead you to expertise. Don’t drop practicing till the very end.”

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