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Some minds are so exceptional they change the world. Such as our truly brilliant and all-rounder, Keerat Preet. Keerat Preet is eight and is currently studying in 2nd standard. There is no one field she is not good in. This young prodigy shows brilliance in every aspect. Keerat Preet is an impressive coder, is currently learning Spanish language, an outstanding dancer, is fabulous at map-reading and has shown great interest towards Yoga.

Outstanding in different fields, Keerat Preet has received good feedbacks from each and every teacher of hers. She is currently trying to master different languages and is already good at Spanish and Tamil. She is a game developer and a tech savvy child. This child is hardworking and gives full devotion towards every goal that she every targets. Her father who is a lawyer, reminisces that whenever he takes her to his office, she always remains intrigued to question every single intricacy about his profession. Such a curious child, Keerat Preet is. Currently she has been learning Bharatnatyam dance form from a guru in Dubai and Spanish from Bangalore.

Keerat Preet is an ambivert by personality, as she mixes up very well with everyone but simultaneously qualities her alone time. She is ground to earth kind of a child and spends time with herself to explore her potentials. Keerat Preet holds a very artistic approach towards life and is in sync with her artistic realm. Her parent makes sure that she never goes through the pressure society puts upon prodigies. Only when she is free, her parents make her videos or she learns about other new things. She enjoys her interest as much as she wants to. They use their weekends fruitfully and productively by including into different activities as these activities polishes her skills.

She considers her guru maa, who is her dance teacher, as her idol. Keerat Preet is very attached to her and says that she owes all her achievements to her teacher. She adds that her guru maa clears up her doubts and improves her skills. This child is also very close to her school principal and admires her a lot. Her school Principal put a lot of efforts towards the welfare of her school and is devoted to each and every child.


Her parent’s golden parenting mantra is that “There should be a mutual support between parents and children as it bridges their emotions and have a lot of space for respect and understanding.” They add that the relationship between parents and children should be friendly. Support, as some say, is the most essential source in life. 

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