Khwaja Siraj Sheikh: The Child Prodigy

Art and craft is a great depiction of one’s imagination, thoughts, and feelings. Today we will be talking about Khwaja Siraj Sheikh, who is quite creative and has an immense interest in the art and craft domain. He studies at the Mother’s Pet Kindergarten Group of Centre Point School in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

He appreciates the beauty of nature, different textures, and even the different types of sounds he hears. He uses his imagination and creativity to draw artistically. He is a keen observer and dedicated child. He has a passion for art which is visibly reflected in his activities. He has received a drawing certificate from Meesho. He is an ambivert that is he is very flexible in many situations and he knows when to talk and when to listen.

After 10 years, his parents wish to see him as an Architect but they also mentioned that everything depends on his wish and choices. His parents said that the notion that child prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates is not correct as they have always seen him growing along with his friends and discovering much more with them.

His parents want to ensure a normal childhood for Khwaja by keeping him socially active and teaching him that every other person is equally good in one aspect or the other. The fame must be more of a motivation for him rather than making him feel overconfident about it.

His parents shared one of the most memorable moments with him when the whole family had gone on a vacation to Goa, her mother was getting ready and his father took him outside and got busy with something. Meanwhile, Khwaja ran and sat in the car which he thought was his car but soon he realized that it wasn’t he opened the door and ran towards his dad and when he saw his mother he started crying and hugged her tightly, which became a memorable moment.  

Besides art and craft, he is interested in playing Minecraft, making Lego cities, skating, and swimming.

Khwaja’s parents also told us that they have never felt the pressure of expectations from society and they don’t care what society thinks, what matters to them is the happiness and freedom of their child to learn and grow more.

His parents shared a few parenting tips with us;

Never pressurize your child for anything he/she does not like.

Always listen to their point of view.

Let the children open up and don’t put any sort of boundation on them.

Ask them what is going on in their school and keep track of their homework.

Spend a lot of time with your child so that they share their things with joy.

Give them their space.

Khwaja is a very caring child that once his mother had got some swelling and he was very young at that time but he ran to the kitchen and got her an ice pack. This was an awe moment for her mother that how come he knew that the ice pack will help her mother in getting relief from the swelling this left her mother in amusement.

This was all about Khwaja Siraj Sheikh. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best in his future endeavors.