Kiarra Patodia – The Child Prodigy

We are here talking about a wonderful kid, Kiarra Patodia, a student of St Mary’s School, Pune. She is a resident of Pune, Maharashtra. She is very focused on what she learns and she is very quick to grasp whatever she learns. Her parents Ronak Patodia and Sonam Patodia discovered her potential when she joined Brain Universe class she learned Japanese there as a part of the curriculum and she enjoyed it. She answered whatever subject was taught. She could very easily memorize words.  She won an award as the fastest to recall Japanese numbers from one to hundred and is a record holder for it in the India Book Of Records. 

Talking to her parents we asked them about their dreams to see Kiarra 10 years from now to which they said that they wish to see her being an all-rounder excelling in her education, sports, and various other activities. Taking their opinion on the notion that child prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their zone, we came to know that this is not correct and every child themselves want to have a normal childhood along with their peer mates. 

Further, we informed them about the features their child will get through this platform and people will start recognizing her and the fame that follows is something beyond imagination so ensuring a normal childhood for the child is very much necessary, Kiarra’s parents plan to regulate the exposure to social media so she will not get swayed away with all the appreciation and be focussed on what she is learning. Sharing some memorable moments they told us about when they first went to the farm and she enjoyed picking strawberries that day and they realized she wants to try all kinds of activities.

She is a very caring child, she goes out of the way to help one and all. She is always keen on learning new things name it geography, mathematics, sports, what is happening around the world, etc. She shows a keen interest in observing things around her. All that she has achieved is not because of some luck but is a result of continuous hard work and dedication.

Being such an amazing kid she might sometimes feel the pressure from the expectations of society and it is very important to resist such negativity from your child’s path. Ensuring that society does not hinder a child is very important. A child needs to be clear in her mind and know what they want. As raising a prodigy kid Kiarra’s parents recommend other parents to be calm and understand their child’s likes and dislikes and focus on what they want and not what others are doing. We are sure by now you would be amazed by this child. This was all about Kiarra Patodia, the team Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavors.