Kiyansh Mahajan: The Rising Entrepreneur

Children are filled with creativity and imagination which helps them to think differently. Today we will be talking about Kiyansh Mahajan, who is a creative and future-oriented child. He goes to Excelsum High School in Amritsar, Punjab.

He is only 9 years old and he is experimenting with his life. He keeps on exploring new things in life and optimistically takes them. He keeps a positive attitude towards life.  He firstly tries making soap at home. He likes painting, decoupage, etc. He has drawn some unbelievable beautiful paintings. Not only this but at a very young age, he is managing his expenses all by himself, which left his parents amazed. They had never thought that he will try to become financially independent at a very early age.

The first time when his parents Mr. Kunal Mahajan and Mrs. Sophia Mahajan got to know about his talent was when Kiyansh gifted them a hand-made soap at the very young age of 9. His parents think that he is going to excel in whatever field he will choose for himself. He might become an entrepreneur because he is currently learning the basics from this tender age.

He’s running his small-scale business where he earns around 1000 rupees per month.  He’s been able to put up an exhibition at the most famous theatre of our Amritsar ‘Naatshala’ where it is a tough task to get a turn to display something. He has gained fame and confidence by selling his work. Everyone has started noticing him among his peer mates due to his work. He has been chosen as one of the top 100 child prodigies. Kiyansh is a flexible person and he blends with others quite easily. He is an ambivert and he likes to spend time with his family & friends and also enjoys his alone time.

His parents don’t take any pressure from society and don’t even let that pressure passed on to Kiyansh. They let him do what suits him the most.

He’s a very obedient and humble child. He has the basic ethics of life. He always takes initiative to help anyone. He makes wonderful memories and explores different things with his family whenever he goes out with them on tours and holidays. Whenever her mother does not feel good or she falls sick, he is the first one to comfort her and ask her if she needs anything.

His parents suggested a few parenting tips that just let the children be themselves and let them do what they feel like doing.

His interests are those things that are full of creativity like robot making, soap making, engineering tool kit, etc. He is fascinated by the colors in any form. The way he takes care of his younger brother and grandparents has amazed his parents. He is also good at cooking and loves to cook food at weekends.

This was all about Kiyansh. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future endeavors.