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The child prodigy we are now talking about is Kriday Khurana the son of Hitesh Khurana and Ila Sachdeva Khurana who received the India’s Pride Award and have a really sharp memory. When he was 2 years old his parents were amazed with his amazing memory skills and fast learning ability and believed that he is a child prodigy. He is very compassionate and a friendly child who wins hearts of everyone. He is an extrovert by nature who can win anyone’s heart.

His parents believed that he will be somewhere really good in future working for the betterment of the society and winning millions of hearts. He is an extrovert by nature and his parents believe in notion that child prodigies isolate themselves from the world and are lost in their own world and believe it is necessary for them.

His parents on being asked on how will they handle the fame their child will get after this feature they said “By telling him his mistakes and correcting them.. Also we play, sing, eat together and tell him different stories with different characters to give him more moral values.”

The best moment for his parents is when he won India’s Pride Award. His parents are very supportive in nature and always support their child in whatever he does. They believe that for proper growth of their child he needs proper guidance, support. They believe that kids should be given proper time to extract out best results. The environment and support is what encourages a child the most.

Kriday is interested in blocks, puzzles, sensory activities and is an avid learner. His fast learning ability and sharp memory is what made his parents believe that he is a prodigy. His parents believe that pressure of expectation from the society may hold from your child and will try to overcome it by figuring out better ways to teach him.

He is a very compassionate child and generous child. He is very close to all the people he knows and takes care of all of them and also every sunday he goes and distribute biscuits or snacks to needy people and he loves that. This nature of his is appreciated by his parents. They are really proud of him.

Their advice to other parents is to give them proper time and space and child will give them best result. If children have proper environment and support they can achieve anything in their life. His parents have full faith and confidence in their child and believes that he have a bright future.

Kriday Khurana is a child with exceptional memory and learning ability. He has a really bright future ahead and his parents are proud of him. He is awarded with India’s Pride Award and with his kind gestures and friendly nature he wins everyone’s heart. We wish him and his family best of luck for future.



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