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‘Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary”—JIM ROHN

A child prodigy who lives around the books. Krishiv who is a brilliant kid. His whole world revolves around the books. His ideal is Albert Einstein. He is really a good student. In an interview with the child prodigy Krishiv’s motherJyoti said that he is a student who participates in every Olympiads since grade one and has been winning gold medal in every Olympiad. When Krishiv was asked that how he gained so much interest in reading he said that when he was a little kid his mother use to read him bed time stories line by line and somehow he started enjoying it. Also from the very beginning he use to observe his parents reading books and as we all know that a child grasp things very quickly as it is bad or good. Krishiv developed his habits and gains the interest in reading from there. Soas a mother Mrs. Jyoti always encourages him in every aspect of his life. His both the parents are doctor. But Krishiv wants to be a great scientist and his parents supports him in every possible way.

Mrs. Jyoti says that books are the best thing to gift a child. He learns, he grows, and he develops his personality which helps a lot further. But every parent and every child is different and there is no yardstick to measure the parenthood. And Krishiv is different in his own way. Krishiv is an inquisitive kid. He is always curious to know new things and asks a lot of questions. He never stops himself from exploring things. He is always excited to learn new things. Currentlyhe is learning French language.Even during the covid19 pandemic when his parents were busy helping people around the world he was learning about the plants, flowers and was connecting more with nature. He is a very sincere kid. Other than this, Krishiv also loves to play or watch videos on phone or I-pad.

Krishiv’s mother believes that as a parent you should never compare your child with anyone else. You should always encourage your child whether whatever dreams they wish to. Let them aim, let them see dreams, never stop them from doing things what they love to do. The most important thing you can do as a parent is “to guide”. Guidance is everything that your kid really want. Also try to listen their every idea maybe their ideas can lead them to success. Learning things should be fun for them, then they will take more and more interest in learning.Balance of what the child wants and what the child should do is important and for that Krishav’s mother restrict his screen time whenever it is needed.

Krishav is not an outdoor sportsperson but he finds his peace in reading. He can continue his reading for more than five hours if the book is of his interest. That time he doesn’t even feel the world around him. For him his role model is his parents and he enjoys the time when he is with them.

“If you want to do anything you have to work hard and you have to work smart.

99% of hard work + 1% of smart work = success “

         Krishiv Sharma

This The Child Prodigy Magazine recognizes the extraordinarily talented kids and Krishiv Sharma is one of the Top 100 Child Prodigies.


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