Krishnaansh Gahlot- The Child Prodigy

Krishnaansh Gahlot is an extraordinary kid from Delhi and possesses extraordinary skills in Equestrian sports. At a very tender age, he has made his fame and name through his efforts and hard work. When he was 1 year old he won the best child’s award and the Robert kid award. He has keen interests in adventurous sports, gymnastics, cooking, acting, and dancing. He secured 6th position in the Indian team equestrian and also won the best rider trophy at the state level. He has played Nationals in Mumbai and has won gold and silver medal at the Tarc Equestrian championship 2021. He has won a gold medal at GS. Equestrian also won 7 gold medals at Noida horse show 2021, won silver and bronze medals in Delhi horse show 2021. He has also won many medals in gymnastics. He has done several ramp shows, fashion shows, magazine shoots and has won several medals in MMA and racing. He has won the title of master of mother’s pride. He has done a Haryanvi album song which will be released soon and is currently preparing for the Delhi star kids show.

Krishnaansh is an animal lover and cooks food for the stray animals in his area. When he was 3 years old he gave a speech to welcome the chief guest at Sai auditorium of 2200 people. After only training of 7 months, he participated in the state-level competition and won the best rider trophy, and then participated at the national level. He is an extrovert and gets along well with others. His parents wish to see him participating in the Olympics and winning a gold medal and bringing pride and glory to his family.

The achievement he has got is not a result of a day’s hard work but was only possible because of his consistent hard work. The stage where he is now is a result of a continuous process and his rigid determination. He has been working towards picking all the laurels in his way. His parents Sandeep Gahlot and Shalu Gahlot play a very significant role in his success and have been beside him in all his ups and downs. They ensure that the fame that follows doesn’t distract him by showing warmth and sensitivity, supporting him always, and teaching him the importance of discipline and respect towards others. They believe in always giving our 100%. He has a very strong and brilliant mind. As his parents are raising a Prodigy kid we asked them for a piece of advice to other parents. They recommend parents should have faith in their children and give them the freedom to explore their interests. Every child is unique and special and nurturing their talents and encouraging them is a much-needed thing.

We are sure that by now you would be amazed and highly motivated by the hard work and dedication referred to above. This is all about Krishnaansh Gahlot, the team Child Prodigy wishes him good luck to keep up with his hard work and dedication.