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This child prodigy shocked everyone with her mental abilities at the age of 12, the name of this extraordinary talented girl is Krishti Khandelwal. The field that Krishti Khandelwal chose is also challenging for the elders, this little talented girl is brilliant in astronomy and astrophysics. Apart from these subjects, this little girl is also adept at writing. This girl mesmerizes everyone when she discusses the amazing concept of physics or exhibits her writing art.

Writing work and astrophysics always attracted Krishti. Having mastered both these fields surprised everyone with her talent. The time of the lockdown was the time in which Krishti showed her writing talent to the public as writing has always fascinated Krishti as it was something she always wanted to do. At present, this girl is a student of the 7th class. During this COVID 19 time, Krishti Khandelwal shared her brilliant writing work with some leading publishing houses and by the grace of God, her writing was appreciated and encouraged. And some publishing houses honored her by publishing her work.

Some of her books will decorate the British Library as well as India and thus this act will immortalize Krishti’s writing. Krishti Khandelwal is also a pioneer in art in addition to writing. Some of her artwork has hit online websites. A lot of her artwork has also been published on a number of blogs. She also loves sketching and making art. Many of her artworks can also be seen on a number of websites, so it can be said that this girl is a sensation of the digital world.

Some of Krishti Khandelwal’s works were awarded which are as follows:

  1. In the Salaam Poetry Competition Winter Fest 2020, Krishti was ranked 2. The title of this poem was “This year I planted a tree“.
  2. In an event organized at India Cafe 24, she finished 2nd in the poetry competition and her poem was published in the book there.
  3. Her poetry and art were praised in the Radiate Literary Journal UK, and her poem has been selected for the Winter 2021 issue.
  4. She got third place in art, the competition organized by Space India National Astrotoon.

She is one of the Top 100 child prodigies chosen by “The Child Prodigy” magazine. No one can bound the talent of kids and if you think that your kid has extraordinary talent like Krishti Khandelwal, nominate your kid at the platform of The Child Prodigy.

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