Kritin- The Child Prodigy!

The age-old debate of whether Geniuses are made or born has yet to conclude, however, time and again a Child comes along who challenges both the notion and Kritin one such child. Born in Ooty is a memory genius. He achieved great acclaim by the talents he possesses. His high level of IQ has amazed everyone around him. 

He does exceptional things like reading 2- 3 letters at the age of 2.6 years. He started applying shapes when he was just a 1 year 3 months baby. He recognized 12 County flags at the age of 1. When he was 2 he could do one-digit addition and subtraction. Not only this, but he can also do logical picture recognition at the age of 2.6 years. At an age when we did not even know what planets are he can identify them by their shapes and sequence. Furthermore, he can recognize numbers till 100, can do missing number fixation. It all came into notice when he was 8 months old and started putting shapes puzzles.

It is said that you think of it and you are halfway there. Being ambitious parents Kritin’s parents also have a great vision for him. Kritin’s parents shared their vision for their child’s future. They told that 10 years from now they see him making difference in science and maths, making India proud globally. And that he gets a scholarship for his education in some recognized organization.

In conversation with the child prodigy team, Col. Kirpal Singh and Mrs. Shrutibha told that they agree with the notion stating child prodigies isolate themselves from the rest of the world. The probable reason for this is stated that they have a higher IQ level than their peer mates and they are comfortable in their zone exploring new things as stated by researchers.

Knowledge related to numbers highly interests Kritin. Not only his skills but the values and love he holds make him embrace everyone and win the hearts of people. His mother shared “He is an amazing child he gives everything to me and when I am sleeping he doesn’t wake me up. I am his best friend.” She had a spark in her eyes and a wide smile on her face while sharing this.

Since child prodigies get a lot of fame that may rob their normal childhood, we asked Kritin parents that how will they ensure a normal childhood for him? They ensured that they will make him grounded and keep him engaged in his desirable areas. Commenting on the expectations that society holds from a prodigy and the pressure that may follow, the parents shared, they make sure society doesn’t affect him. And he competes with himself and becomes an even better version of himself.

Lastly, the parents shared the parenting tip “Believe in your child and work hard to make sure that you are providing resources and time to your child.

These were some of the glimpses of child prodigy Kritin’s life who astonished everyone with his talents at this young ag