L. Lakshiyaa- The All Rounder Child

According to Collins dictionary, “a child prodigy is a child with a very great talent.” One such child, a very talented girl, and an exceptionally great student is L. Lakshiyaa. Her talents were identified by her father when she was in her pre-KG. Her father describes her as an achiever and organized girl. She is also extremely talented and wins whatever she takes part in.

 She is a very charismatic child, having great observational and listening skills. She has won prizes in all the categories be it be sports, dance, singing or drawing. Lakshiyaa has precious certificates like Bharatha Mazhai 5050 Niruthia Nithyalaya Guinness World Record, India & Asia Book of Records Certificate, Universal Dance Record Festival (UDEAR) Hidden Idol Guinness World Record, India & Asia Book of Records Certificate, Largest Mallari Dance Teaching Universal Achievers – Book of Records Guinness World Record, India & Asia Book of Records Certificate, she also has won the gold medal in 13th State Level Kung Fu Championship – 2019 Tamil Nadu Kung-Fu Association. 

She also got All India Hope Talent Contest-Essay writing Schoolsindia Certificate of Appreciation, adding more feathers to her cap she excelled in sports too. She got Gold and Silver medal in State Level Open Skating Championship – 2019 Students Games Federation, India. Showing her magic in academics she got 1st Place in World English Olympiad Wheebox World English Olympiad. Similarly, she has won a total of 104 prizes by the age of 9 years. 

 When asked how you will ensure a normal childhood for your child sine child prodigies develop a huge fan base. That further robs them of their normal childhood. Mr. B.S.Lakshmi Narayanan (Lakshiyaa’s father) affirmed that Lakshiyaa will always be a normal Child as he never allows that fame things to get into her mind as it can make a drastic change in her lifestyle.

 Further, we asked Lakshiyaa’s father about where he sees her in the next 10 years. To this, they replied that in whatever field she chooses, she will be exceptionally good, she is an all-rounder. Further her vision is to be like the Former Late Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha.

On sharing some memorable moments, her dad shared that the instance when she got her first award at the age of 2.5 in a fancy dress competition and best Logic Smart was very close to him. Also recently she was nominated for Bal Puraskar Awards from Central Government under Sports was yet another proud moment for him.

To know more about Lakshiyaa, we asked her father about her interests, and we discovered that she loves to take inspiration from inspiring personalities. Furthermore, it will not be an overstatement to say that Lakshiyaa is herself an inspiration. “As a Single Parent, she helps me in everything. She is reaching 9 years but does her work without troubling me” told her father with eyes shining bright with pride. Lastly, some parenting tips that Lakshiyaa’s father gave to our readers was to motivate your Child since Childhood; show them the right Role Models.

These were some of the glimpses of the child prodigy L. Lakshiyaa, team Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavors.