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According to one account, it is possible that most anyone could be a prodigy, with the right environment. To be uplifted incessantly to reach your aims and considerate support creates wunderkinds. Such inspiring stories have support in nascent stages of its beginning.

A proud father, Devender Kumar Junas delivers the story of Lavya Junas. Lavya is an eight-year-old prodigy who has amazing flare and an accent in English language. She has read many books which includes series of Diary of Wimpy Kid, Harry Potter, Minecraft etc. This prodigy has created her own YouTube channel where she gives movie and book reviews.

Her father recognised her talent when she stood in front of the camera for the first time for a YouTube video. For that video, she was so confident and innovative as she instantly developed a story without any preparation and spoke as if she has preparation beforehand. Her father was astonished to see her narrate a story which he has never about and how creatively she created one. Lavya’s father is sure that she will be as accelerate as an amazing Vlogger and storyteller along with an excellent writer. Her YouTube channel has many subscribers and she remains pretty active on it. This platform has helped her gain the exposure she wanted to achieve confidence in herself and become skilled in the field she is interested in. Lavya has received quite a fame by her channel still she remains grounded. She accepted and handled every opportunity and rewards gracefully. As a child, she is very understanding and compassionate towards others.

The initial videos created for her YouTube channel enabled her creativity on-screen and achieve the exposure she aspired to have. This instant creativity fascinated her father and he was left speechless by the aura she produced while delivering the story she just created. Lavya always remains interested in reading books, watching YouTube videos of Yub, Prestine etc., and Creates art of cartoons and riddles.

Lavya has never been pressurized to incline towards anything and has been always supported by her parents. Her parents believe that it is the destiny and parents’ efforts to make their child a better person and to have a brighter future.  Her fathers’ golden parenting mantra is to “let your child explore whatever they want. This is will help you identify the interest of the child and then put effort convert that interest into their passion and then let them make it a better world for themselves with that.”

They subscribers she achieved through her YouTube channel has appreciated and even demanded for more videos of reviews. Lavya herself loves the screen and to create new content for her audience. She has got her YouTube Channel by name Lavya’s Dreamworld – This is has been appreciated and recognized by many.



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