Lekh Popat- The Child Prodigy

We are here talking about an amazing kid Lekh Popat from Pune, Maharashtra. Lekh possesses extraordinary remembrance skills when he listens to anything carefully and actively. He has set a record in the Indian book of records and in the Worldwide book of records as the youngest kid to recite 409 items. He is also recognized as the super talented kid in the International Book of Records. He cleared the international Junior Math Olympiad with an A+ grade. Class rank as 1 and international rank of 324. He has sung the national anthem and received a certificate from the government of India for it. Lekh also does multiple activities in FB groups and has 50+ certificates for it. He has recently started taking Taekwondo classes and is looking forward to learning abacus too. This also shows his curiosity level to learn new things as much as he can and utilize them for the best.

His parents Sanad Popat and Archi Popat discovered his potential when he was less than 1.5 years old and reminded his mother of something which she told her 8 hours ago. This incident triggered her mother about his great memory power. He could connect puzzles of 4-6-12 very easily even before he turned 2 years old. Asking about their dreams of seeing Lekh 10 years from now our team learned that they wish to see him excelling in every walk of life. They want to see him with a well-developed IQ, EQ, and SQ.

He is very emotional and takes good care of his family. One thing that impresses everyone is his sharing nature. He offers food to everyone even if it’s his favorite and is less in quantity, he shares his toys with kids that visit his home. He loves cycling and watches TV to add more to his knowledge. He did learn about various body parts by watching TV.

Further, we explained to his parents about the features their child will get through this platform and people will start recognizing him and the fame that follows is something beyond imagination so ensuring a normal childhood is very much necessary. They stated they have an advantage that Lekh is not at that age that he understands what fame is. Even when he receives awards he enjoys the moment and gets back to his humble self the next minute. They teach him to stick to the ground and never disobey others.

Usually, kids of his age get easily distracted but he has great focus and dedication. He is very good in Maths and identifies fruits, vegetables, shapes, flowers, and birds as well. Society’s pressure may sometimes become on the path to success. But it’s not humanly possible for anyone to know everything and after all he is just a kid. Staying grounded and not letting anything deviate you from the learning process should do the trick. They recommend other parents have patience and let the kid explore. Exposing kids to multiple things help. This was all about Lekh Popat and the team Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future.