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Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s famous quote, “The country doesn’t deserve anything less than success from us. Let us aim for success”. Mehul took inspiration from the missile man of India and put his heart and soul into innovating new things.

 At the age of playing with toys, he is outshining in the making of robots or developing applications. This is the remarkable story of the 12-year-old child who is coming up with new inventions and is on his way to become a scientist. Prodigy Mehul is a certified Android and IOS app developer.

 He is a child who is enthusiastically carrying his aim and beliefs in innovating ideas to develop or launch something useful for the society. Nowadays, People are running towards materialistic things by neglecting social responsibilities but this child has a big heart and he wants his nation to develop and grow.

 When communicated with his mother she said, our motive is to set our child free to hunt his skills, capabilities and outdo in that field. There is no pressure from our side, she added further. His parents’ cooperation and supportive hand boosted his confidence that he participated in many programs, seminars for his interests.

 He got certified in the Game Developer UI/VX interface in 2020. His interest in game-developing apps has encouraged him to try something creative.

Due to a certain shift to online education due to the COVID 19 situation, students are facing hurdles in attending online classes regularly, but this was not the case with Mehul. “He woke up on time, attend his classes and complete his homework before I come home from my duty”, his mother said proudly. She added that she doesn’t have to put much effort into his education as he only comes to her when he has some doubts otherwise solve his queries on his own.

Seminars got converted into Webinars in this COVID phase. Mehul attended Arduino Robotics Senior, seminar organized in 2021. In this era of digitalization, when the Internet is providing an array of opportunities to everyone, Mehul has created his own YouTube account. He uploaded videos explaining the concepts.

 Recognition in the field of sciences is not the only merit of Mehul Mishra as he is doing well in academics as well. Scoring 97% overall in his studies, focussing, and working on his dreams, Mehul is making his parents proud.

 He has a big list of his achievements as he has created line following robot, Obstacle avoider robot, Hand Gesture Robot. He also created the traffic lights, Home Automation System, Automatic Street Light, and Control System.

 Cultural values are good for the lifespan and the same way the child is devoted towards the patriotism that he wants to serve his nation for a noble cause.

 His parents dropped the message for the public to never pressurise your child for becoming something he doesn’t want to. Like this, he will lose his self-confidence. They believe that parents should intervene in a child’s life but in a limit to make them good decision makers and independent.

 Behind his success, there are efforts of teachers and school organization that helped him in tough times shared Mrs. Mishra. She further said, “When we admit our child in school we expect the cooperation and best guidance for our child and we are delighted to say that his school has fulfilled our hopes”.

 Mehul has created an application named the Digital Clock. Adding in the achievements he developed an inbuilt music player in, Thunkabe site. He attended another seminar, and became a part of World’s largest coding classroom’ organized by the Code Bharat in association with the World Book of Records, London on 23 January 2021.

This was just a glimpse of Mehul’s life so far. What all he has achieved, what all he is planning to do and how right guidance and support of his parents and school shaped him into a child prodigy. 

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