LS Queen Curie: The Multi-Talented Child


Every child is different in countless and diverse ways. He/she has different learning capabilities and talents. Children must be kept free to explore and follow up on their ideas. They must be nurtured with the richness of moral values and ethics. Today we will be talking about a multi-talented girl, LS Queen Curie. She is basically from Angul, Odisha, and studies at Rotary Public School in Angul.

She possesses good remembrance power and can learn new things in a short period. She has good presentation skills.

Since her parents Lingaraj Pradhan (father) and Sangita Rani Behera (mother) have their garment manufacturing factory and craft work done at home, she observed all the things during the lockdown and started taking interest in the same. She always comes up with new ideas for crafting and tries to implement them 

She has been awarded for winning a Matching Math Race Competition in her School when she was in nursery class. She has also won a Speech Competition at her school in class 3rd. Not only this but she is very good at poem recitation that she won an Odia Poem Recitation Competition and also a Story Telling Competition in her school during 3rd standard. She is currently running a YouTube channel called “Queens Gallery” where all her talents are being displayed.

Depending upon the current interest of LS Queen Curie her parents see her as a successful entrepreneur After 10 years from now. She is efficient at completing the tasks given to her. 

 Her personality traits are between that of an introvert and an extrovert i.e., Ambivert. She is quite a thoughtful person who loves going out with friends and family and also likes to keep her personal space

Her parents also mentioned that child prodigies do not isolate themselves. They are more open to the world and the other children can learn something from the child prodigies and vice-versa. 

Although there are many memorable moments of LS Queen Curie with her parents the most special one is when she won a Math Race Competition when she was in nursery class. Her parents were glad to witness this achievement.

She is interested in tailoring, art and craft cooking, declamations, playing badminton & mobile games. Besides this, she loves traveling and dancing.

Her parents told us that they accept the positive messages from society and ignore the negative messages. for them, the child is the priority and her interests matter a lot.

Her parents also suggested a few parenting tips that all children are talented in various ways. Children should be encouraged to take a step forward in those areas where they are more enthusiastic and interested.

She is a lovely child with a golden heart as she is always available to help her mother and the rest of the family members in any way possible. 

This was all about LS Queen Curie. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavors.