M. Anusri – The Prodigy Kid

M. Anusri is an amazing kid with immense talents from Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu. One day her parents R. Mohan and G. Sathya saw her climb on the amla tree and that same day they recognized their child’s talent. From that day they decided that she needs to explore the world and enhance her skills. She moved 70 meters in just 87 seconds on a horizontal bar at the tender age of just 4 years. She has her name in the Cholan book of world records and she broke her record and moved 88 meters in 112 seconds. She also has a record in Kalam’s book of world records and Assists book of records.

We asked her parents where do they see her in the next 10 years from now and came to know that they wish to see her in any civil service and serve the nation. She is an ambivert and knows very well to get comfortable around people and also enjoys her own company. We asked her parents about their opinion on the notion that child prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their zone to which they agreed and stated that every time she plays alone and tries to improve herself. 

Informing them of the features that this platform provides and the fame that follows is something beyond imagination we asked them about their plan to ensure a normal childhood for their child, they plan to carry on as usual just the same as now and make sure that Anusri doesn’t pay much attention to all this and maintain her concentration. Getting to see her achieve a world record is one of the most memorable moments of her parent’s life. 

Anusri is a very affectionate and brilliant kid. She has interests in playing and climbing. The laurels she has achieved on her way are a result of a continuous process and her hard work. Being focused and dedicated is the key to her success and constant support from family gives her the strength to face all the ups and downs in her life. Talking about the pressure she may feel from the expectations of society her parents mentioned that they do not let any sort of pressure fall upon her and just keep on motivating her to stay focused and simply ignore what others think or say about her. They teach her values of life and to respect elders. She is very humble and down to Earth. They recommend other parents to appreciate their child’s activities and stand beside them motivating and encouraging them to explore their skills.

We are sure by now you would be delighted by the amazing talents of this child prodigy. This is all about M. Anusri, the child prodigy wishes her good luck to keep up with her hard work and dedication.