M.R. Adhidhev- ‘The Thankful Child’


M.R. Adhidhev has a high level of maturity in comparison to his peer mates. He is a quick self-learner when it comes to technology. His parents noticed their child’s talent when he was just 2 years old and her mother said, “I have noticed that he is different from other kids in his age group, both in his actions and his words.” 

Being an ambivert, her mother stated on the notion that if child prodigies isolate themselves “This could be a factor if they are always singled out in social situations and expected to perform above everybody else.” To ensure a normal childhood for their son, his mother feels that it is important for child prodigies to participate in things at the social level to ease the interaction and learn from other peers’ expertise. When asked about pressure from society’s expectations, his mother said “Yes, I handle it by thinking about the various opportunities my child will have in the future to excel.” 

When asked about where they see his son 10 years from now, his mother replied “Having a fun and curious approach in learning new things every day and honing his skills in all the extra-curricular activities he is interested in.” Adhidhev is always thankful for his mother even in the smallest thing she does for him. He always does pooja during prayer time and makes his mother smile when she is not happy or not keeping well, he even waves goodbye with a smile before leaving the house and these are some memorable moments of her mother with him. 

Adhidhev can grasp things well. He has won a certificate from the government for singing the national anthem, participated in the ‘little leap Olympiad’, Memorized 4 thirukurals, learned to operate tab and laptop on his own, earns and remembers things he watches on YouTube, remembers and sings many rhymes in Tamil and English, can identify shapes and colors, able to count numbers backward, has learned to play monopoly, chess and carrom, he can solve block puzzles and solar puzzles and can pick colors to fill drawings he drew.

This was all about M.R. Adhidhev, The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for future endeavors.