Madhavi Gupta- “The Artist”

As an artist, Madhavi has been a good observer and her parents discovered this when she was just 1½ years old as she used her observation skills in her drawing and painting. Her parents think she is a prodigy because she has achieved excellence in art as she started drawing stories of holy Ramayana narrated to her. 

Being an introverted child, her parents believe that a child prodigy is mostly discovering things in their zone as even their daughter is most of the time is busy in her imagination and always drawing it out but as she grew up, she became more helpful and friendly with her classmates. 

When asked by her parents where they see Madhavi from 10 years from now, they replied, “I want Madhavi to remain peaceful and enjoy her talent. I don’t want to pressurize her with my expectations. Madhavi’s artworks focus on past times of Lord Krishna and Indian culture and she wants to spread the glories of Indian culture through to her artwork.”

Her parents are going to ensure a normal childhood for her by giving credit to Lord Krishna for her achievements and never letting success get her in her head. They even don’t feel any pressure from society for their daughter’s talent.

When asked about the most memorable moment, her mother replied “I would like to share an incident when Madhavi was 3-year-old. I was sitting in a hospital waiting area and Madhavi was playing near me. A child psychologist was observing her for some time, then she asked me, “Is she your baby?” I admitted with surprise and curiosity. she said your child is a very good observer. To me her activities were looking like a normal child’s play then I recollected an incident when Madhavi amazed me with her observation skill at the age of 1.5. We were traveling so I carried some picture books with me so that she does not feel bored. After looking at all the pictures, she started asking about the alphabets mentioned over there, initially, I ignored it as it was beyond her age of understanding, but she continuously asked about it and I told her letter “A”. After a long gap, Madhavi recognized the letter A written on a tv set of Panasonic. that time I understood that she is a good observer and a quick learner.” And also added that Madhavi always surprises them on their special days with her amazing art and craftwork and even she is the most humble and obedient child who is ready to adjust to all the situations. 

Madhavi’s parents advise the parents that they should recognize, support, and work on their children’s talent and should give time to their child to let him/her feel happy and secure as a happy and secure child an express himself/herself better and showcase his/her talent. 

Here are some of Madhavi’s interests and achievements-

Participated in many art contests at the National and International levels and has won more than 20 Awards. 

Received an award by Ministry of Culture, Government of India for painting and deliberating on the women freedom fighter.

Her story was selected as the best story by the Hindi radio channel named Gatha in 2020 for Junior Story Writing Competition.

She loves art and craft

Good in academics

She likes writing poems and stories

She has written her comic with illustrations named ‘The Journey of Laufhter with Chintul.’ Which is published on Amazon as well. 

This was all about Madhavi Gupta. The Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for future endeavors.