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“A painting is a poem without words.” Mahieka resonates her philosophy through her art. Maheika Jasrotia is a fifteen-year-old artiste who has received various national and international awards for her surreal paintings.

Mahieka and her mother shared her story with us while a brief interview. She used to paint since class fifth but did not notice it until she admitted in Sanik School three years back. Mahieka’s mother then had an epiphany that her daughter was a born artiste and enrolled her in painting course. She was in first year of her course when her teacher advised that her painting is “class-apart”. Then she gave exam and was directly promoted to third year of her course. This is all because of her brilliance in her artistic field. Her mother told us how overwhelmed she was when Mahieka’s teacher asserted the same.

Our institution plays a crucial role in our lives, in our success. And Mahieka also acknowledges her institution for her excellence. She realized her artistic approach while being in her institution. The lockdown has been a debilitating phase of each ones of us. But Mahieka took advantage of this period and focused all her attention on her talent. Her mother also motivated her a lot, so she never looses interest. She always came up with some activities so her daughter could always be busy living her dream.

Maheika manages her studies and co-curricular on daily basis. She finds time to give to her passion and focuses her attention to enhance her painting skills. Even in her busy schedule she tries to gather time and even paints in between her classes. Also, she gives proper time to think about her paintings.



August 31, 2021

Outstanding achievement.Maheka you are an excellent artist and have an extra ordinary artistic talent. Beta keep it up. Our best wishes to you for many more successful Ventures.

August 31, 2021

She is an excellent artist class apart

September 1, 2021

Mahika you are doing such a great and good work.Our blessings are always with you nd God bless you

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