Mahith Iyer – Multitasker


The child prodigy has found a brilliant child named Mahith Iyer. He could do multitask from a very young age. Scientists have found that a person can do multitask in his 20’s. But, Mahith Iyer being a child was able to do more than two activities at the age of four. He can complete tasks without forgetting the last task. He is born to Nageshwar and Nandita. They belong to Sharjah, Al Nahda. He belongs to a middle-class family and has a normal life. Still, the child manages to gain such talent with his hard work. 

The parents of Mahith Iyer shared that when he was only one and a half years old, he showed a lot of interest in music, and later he also participated well in studies. They also added that they are still exploring the inner abilities of their child and trying their best to guide and help him to excel more in his future. Mahith Iyer is a kind of shy child and requires some time to become friendly with others. His parent says that giving him a normal childhood is very important so that they could make friends and have a normal life. Thus, they never tried to force any decisions and expectations over him. They are also giving him a chance to choose and decide what he wants to pursue and learn. The field that interests him. His parents also spend quality time with him as they think that even if their child is an exception, family time is important. In this matter, the parents have the ideology that – Money can be earned again, but childhood will never come back. 

Mahith Iyer’s mother also shared an interesting incident with us. She told that when he was 2.5 years old while walking, he was able to learn and recite all the car plate numbers and not only this. When they were going back to the house, he even told her mother the shortcut way to go home that his mother also did not know. His mother also added that he is such a loving child that even if he is not asked, he cleans up his mess and also helps her in the household chores.

Mahith Iyer has many hobbies like music, dance, abacus and he even loves to play instruments. He is nine years old and still growing and learning new things. His family is also trying to indulge him in games like cricket as they think that would help him to become active and in his physical growth also. Mahith Iyer has participated in various competitions and even won them. He has not only participated on the local level but at the national and even international level. The competition won by him included fields like Music both singing and instrumental, Spell Bee, Math Bee, Gita Chanting, Drawing, and Dance. He not only participated in the completion but also volunteered in the NGO that works for the jobless laborers.

Mahith Iyer is a kid with excellent skills and he still exploring talents within him and The Child Prodigy wishes him a bright future in the coming time.