MAKEENA NAUSHEEN ALI- The Inspirational Reader

‘You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart’, A person who speaks something that comes from within can be a good reader. One such child prodigy is Makeena Nausheen Ali born in the Maldives with an extraordinary skill of reading. Her parents Ali Manik and Dhimna Fakir noticed her talent when she was only 6 months old. She was first given a cloth book at 3 months and she used to play and make sounds as if she was reading. When she grew to the age of 15 months she started identifying letters of English, Dhivehi, Arabic and showed interest in books. She started reading fluently at the tender age of 2.5 years. She is also good at Mathematics and does love numbers.


Some of her other achievements are that she byhearted 27 short Suraiya in Quran at the mere age of 4 and also recited Quran in a Quran challenge when she was only 2 years old. She has also read in the UNICEF storytelling festival at age 3. She also became the youngest Superspeller in age 4 the ELC spelling competition and won many more times in such competitions. She has completed challenges for 6 years and 7 years and now 8 years too. She can spell words with phonic sounds and made educational videos to help other kids read.


Nasheen reads books for a longer time. She reads around 40 books of her age in an hour at age 4. 


She loves to read stories live on stage. And donates to bookfairs and needy. As Nausheen loved books so much her parents initiated a Bookshop and made educational toys and books which helped her to read. The concept of some books and toys are based on Nausheens interests.


Other talents of Nausheen includes memorizing. She loves planets and can coubt add and subtract basic numbers, sing few national anthems and reads sign boards etc when she was 2.5 years. She also likes roller skating as a hooby.


We asked her parents where do they wish to see their child in the next 10 years from now to which they simply said they want her to be an inspiration for other kids to help them identify their strengths. We also asked them for their opinion on the notion that child prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their zone to which they replied that Yes Nausheen has been like this and this is what her teachers say as well. She is always eager to learn more things and keeps on thinking and shows loads of curiosity.


Informing them about the fame that follows with the platform we are providing her and people will start recognizing her which is beyond imagination so we asked them how will they manage to ensure a normal childhood for their child. They said that they always teach her that every child is unique and have different super skills. We guide her to always be friendly to others and greet others before they do. 


Sharing some of the beautiful moments of their life with Nausheen they told they were amazed to identify her ability to read were shocked when she learned their language and Arabic letters before 15 months. Once they noticed that she could very easily blend whatever letters she was given into words at the age of only 2 years. They were pleased and felt pride listening to her stories and when she sang different anthems. She even counted numbers and read musical notes. 


Further, we asked them if they sometimes felt the pressure of the expectations that society may hold from their child and how do they handle it, they said that they always try to make her comfortable in the environment and never force her to attempt anything.


We requested them to share a tip with other parents about parenting, they recommend finding their child’s strength and giving them time to explore and find what interests them most and never force them to reach anybody’s expectations and motivate them to be what they like to be.


 This was all about Makeena Nausheen Ali who is granted this award among the fitst 5 kids around the world. The Child prodigy wishes her all the best for future endeavours