Manan: The Cubing Expert


Children have their specialty and they are unique in their way. Today we will be talking about Manan Sulya, who is an expert at cubing. He is from Bhopal and studies in St Joseph’s School, Arera Colony. 

Manan has a very sharp brain and his strong will and patience level of learning cubing has rewarded him. Manan has done a lot of practice and it improved his muscle memory. Manan has sharper reflexes and possesses wonderful eye and hand coordination.

Cubing is a fun activity that comes with many benefits such as it helps in increasing the focus and improving memory retention as well as patience levels. It helps in improving problem-solving skills and sharpens the mind.

His parent’s Dr. Manish Sulya (father) and Dr. Shanta Dharve (mother) discovered his talent when he was 5.6 years old.

Manan is an extrovert and enjoys the company of his friends. He is an enthusiastic child and loves to take up new challenges. He has his name in the Asian Book of Records. He stood 2nd all over the world in an International Cube Event in the year 2020. He has been awarded Youngest Cuber of Bhopal in 2018.  He has also received a consolation prize in cursive handwriting.  He has won various National Championships of Cube between 2018 to 2021. He has solved all categories of cube events. He has been in the Top 10, Top 9, and Top 20 in various cubing events. 

After 10 years from now, his parents see him winning various International Competitions. 

To ensure a normal childhood his parents have always told him that he is an entity of earth and he must thank God for such a beautiful life. 

Some memorable moments that Manan’s parents shared with us were when he was in K.G class and had his National Cube Event in Delhi and he practiced till late at night sitting in his mother’s lap. His parents were very happy when he got his first Award of The Youngest Cuber of Bhopal in 2018.

He is interested in chess, coding, cubing, dancing, drawing, and solving sudoku. 

Every day is not our day and Manan has also lost a few events but his parents have always explained to him about his mistakes and taught him how to manage time. They have always motivated him not to give up and to work on himself. 

His parents shared with us some parenting tips which are as follows:

1. Always listen to your child and give them basic moral values.

2. Let them explore their interest and understand them. 

3. Try to answer each question he/she wants to know.

4. Make a year-wise strategy to enroll them in international events.

His parents were amazed when they saw him taking care of his little sister during the pandemic. Manan is a very caring and adorable child. His parents have always supported him and are very proud of his achievements.

This was all about Manan Sulya. The team of Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future endeavours.