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We all know how important nature is for our life and today we are going to tell you about a girl who loves nature. This girl’s name is Manya Harsha from Bangalore who is one of the youngest authors of India. Manya Harsha is a young Nature Themed Author, Poet, and Illustrator of Five books. Manya is a young author, poet, and a young Naturist at heart. 

Her first book is “Nature Our Future” and it is full of poems about nature which are appreciated by the UN-Water. Her second book is “The Water Heroes” which is about the importance of water and water scarcity. Her third book is Neerina Putani Samrakshakaru which is the Kannada translation of her 2nd book the water heroes. 

During the Covid-19, when kids were passing their time by playing in-door games, Manya started her fourth book named Once Upon a time in 2020 (The lockdown Diaries) which is a very inspiring book for the kids. Her 5th book named ONDANONDU KALADALLI 2020( LOCKDOWN NENAPUGALU) is a Kannada version of Once Upon A Time in 2020( The Lockdown DAIRIES). She has so far written, five books, three in English and two in Kannada. All her books are praised and appreciated by UN-Water. Manya is currently working on her sixth and seventh book which is based on Nature Again. 

For her writing skills, she has set 10 world records and these records are:

  • India Book of Records for being the Youngest Poet to publish a book on Nature in the year 2019
  • Asia Book of Records for being Grandmaster in the year 2019 and year 2020
  • Vajra Book of Records for being Youngest Poet of India in the year 2019
  • World Records India for being Youngest Female poet to write a book on Nature in the year 2019
  • Golden Book of Records for being Youngest Poet in the year 2019
  • Exclusive World Records also honored the Young Author of Animated stories in the year 2020
  • India Book of Records for being the Youngest Kannada Author in the year 2020
  • India Book of Records for being the Youngest to make an animated film on Social Awareness in the year 2020
  • Karnataka Achievers Book of Records for being the Youngest Kannada Author in the year 2020

It is just the list of world records that are not enough to praise her skills. She is a real nature lover because she always thinks about nature and the environment. Apart from writing books, she is a climate and water activist. To clean our nature and water bodies, she participates in various programs. She is taking various steps to clean the environment such as preparing handmade paper at home by using the waste newspaper. Recently she has innovated vegetable paper where she has used kitchen waste to make paper so we can say that she is a recycler. Manya is also a recipient of the THE WATER HEROES Award from Ministry of JAL SHAKTHI 

In an interview, Manya said that “I used to travel a lot with my parents, then I saw that people throw garbage anywhere whether it is the road or some water source and polluting the water bodies which was very disappointing. I used to see people dumping garbage in front of me and I really did not like it. I believed that a pen is mightier than a sword and then I started writing about nature and I also think that Nothing in this world is a waste , until you consider it A waste!” 

To make a clean environment and save water bodies from pollution, Manya took an initiative named “WALKATHON” on The World Water Conservation Day (March 22 , 2018)  in which she walked through the streets of Jp Nagar Bangalore, from Dorasani forest area to Puttenahalli lake with 38 kids and 36 adults to conserve water and also planted trees in the Puttenahalli lake park , with the help of the lake authorities and parents of the kids. To battle with the environmental crisis, Manya penned down her feelings into a Rap song in Kannada, composed her own tune and finally found a way to convey her message to the world. With her school team, she has created a plastic anthem in which Manya penned down the lyrics. 

Apart from writing, Manya Harsha loves to do painting and drawing. In her books, she has created some illustrations with writing and she has also designed the covers of her books. She is the editor at Sunshine Fortnightly and she has written 9 editions so far. A few of her superhit poems are The Lost Friend, Nature Our Future, Endangered and Extinct, Let’s Pledge, Story of A Tree, The Deer Story, and The Tiger Safari. Manya Harsha believes that today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. Where there is a will, there is always a way to overcome the crisis. Age is just a number when your goal is set. 

The Child Prodigy Magazine recognizes the kids who are extraordinarily talented and Manya Harsha is one of the Top 100 Child Prodigies. She has earned the title “The Nature Hero” by The Child Prodigy Magazine for her dedication to nature and water.

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