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Drawing is the art in which every kid cannot be an expert and today we are going to talk about the kid who is the expert of drawing. S. Ananda Siddartha is the grandmaster of drawing and he started his career from the age of 5 years by taking the drawing training from Mr. Vishal who is a drawing teacher of Sri Chaitanya Group of Schools, Hyderabad. Art has no limit and S.Ananda Sai Rama Siddartha has proved this. For the expertization in drawing, he completed B1, B2, B3 levels in basic levels and I4 level in Intermediate level and now pursuing I5 level in Global Art Drawing Institute. He actively participates in all drawing and artwork activities in school from his kindergarten.

With his talent in drawing, he has won various awards and a few of the awards are:

  • He achieved ”Indian Record” for special recognition and commendations are conveyed to him for unwavering commitment towards Patriotism, by showing love, devotion, and sense of attachment to a homeland by being a part of the largest number of people (99325) singing Indian National Anthem- Jana Gana Mana simultaneously from different locations, achieved with passion towards National Pride to inspire, motivate and encourage on the eve of Republic Day. He was nominated in the INDIAN BOOK OF RECORDS.

  • He got WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS, LONDON for participating in the biggest virtual competition PENTATHLON involving 1287 artists on 28th may 2021 organized by Sanskriti Arts, Mumbai, India.

  • He was awarded “BALA RATNA AWARD”   on the occasion of Jawaharlal Nehru’s 129th birthday celebration on 11th November 2018 by Keerthi Arts Academy.

  • He participated in the National Children’s ArtFest and was awarded “BALA KALA PRATHIBHA AWARD” by Kalipatnam Arts Academy on the occasion of Children’s Day Celebrations 2018.

  • He participated in the Children Summer Art Exhibition-2019 and was awarded “ART STAR AWARD” on 19-4-2019.

  • A memento was awarded was presented to him for his excellence for securing the top 50 prize category among 16000 in Draw a dream competition on 30th January 2019 by Hans India Newspaper. This event also took place in VISHWAGURU WORLD RECORDS.

  • He was awarded the BALA CHITRA KALAAKAR award on the occasion of children’s day by Kalipatnam Arts Academy.

  • He participated in NATIONAL CHILDREN ART HUNT and was awarded BALA CHITHRA KALA PRATHIBHA AWARD by Kalipatnam arts academy in the year 2020.

Apart from all this, S.Ananda Sai Rama Siddartha has earned many awards and a few of his achievements are: 

  • He secured first prize in NHAF’s NATIONAL ONLINE INTER SCHOOL DRAWING COMPETITION “SHADES OF India”-2020. For this, he got 11,000 rupees cash prize. 

  • He won THIRD prize among 365 participants in GLOBAL ART KOLOR CHAMP 2018, 12TH  NATIONAL LEVEL drawing competition with on the spot topic “My super Hero”. He got a TROPHY and a MEDAL with a certificate.

  • He got a trophy and a certificate of excellence for winning the BEST PAINTING Prize at the REPLAY SOCIAL CAFÉ ART EXHIBITION 2019.

  • He actively participated and won 1st runner-up position in the SMART KID CHALLENGE in drawing competition organized by Reliance Smart on 14th November as part of children’s day celebrations.

It is just a glimpse of his achievements as he has won various competitions and earned awards for his talent. He is also handling a Youtube channel named “Anandasrikaram”. The Child Prodigy Magazine recognizes the extraordinarily talented kids and S.Ananda Sai Rama Siddartha is one of the top 100 child prodigies. He has earned the title “The Grandmaster of Drawing” from the Child Prodigy magazine for his exceptional talent in drawing.

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