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Singing is a talent but not everyone can be the expert of music and singing. Today we are going to talk about Hrudayesh R Krishnan from Kerala who is the champion in South Indian Carnatic Music. Hrudayesh has won various competitions at national and international level. He has done many concerts around India and won many awards for his talent. He is into folk music and by his extraordinary music talent, he is promoting Carnatic Music at International level. 

In an interview, Hrudayesh said, “I started my music career at the age of 3 and when my parents saw my interest in music they got me to join music class with my aunt as she is a music teacher. She started to teach me music lessons and after that I continued my music education. I was involved in it and I loved to pursue music education under various Gurus. I am doing my academic study with my music classes and I want to become a doctor. Music is my passion but in my professional career, I want to become a doctor.” Apart from music, Hrudayesh is very intelligent in academics and he is a very avid quizzer. Recently, he has won various quiz competitions at state and national level. He is also the winner of a competition organised by Indian Space Research Organisation. He thinks of becoming a doctor along with being a musician. He performs on the stages and also concerts. 

For his hard work and passion in Carnatic Music, Hrudayesh R Krishnan has earned the title “The Champion of Carnatic Music” from the Child Prodigy Magazine which recognizes the extraordinarily talented kids. 

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June 24, 2021

Hrudayesh is a multifaceted singer .Any genre of music flows effortlessly like a pristine enchanting stream.He is passionate in perfecting the nuances of classical music and takes the listener to another plane of music.Let this young talent be recognised as a child prodigy .

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