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Usually, kids show their talent in any particular field but today we are going to talk about kid who is the king of all rounder activities. In the tender age of 3 years, he has the good knowledge of numbers, colours, planets, national symbols, fruits, vegetables, and many more. In this age, kids usually cannot speak and read but Rudhran has very good memory. 

There is no doubt that Rudhran has extraordinary skills and he is very intelligent and multi-tasker kid. Rudhran helps his mother to make buttermilk , juices , does dusting ,thrash throwing and many more household chores from practical life. Rudhran has proved himself a prodigy by learning the work which children mostly learn after the age of ten.

For his all rounder skills, he has created one record in India Book of Records for reciting the names of eight planets, one English rhyme, seven continents, days of the week in English and Spanish, identifying 15 colours, six vegetables, five fruits, recalling 19 three-letter English words by hearing the spellings, answering seven national symbols, recognising the rough and smooth  surfaces at the age of 2 years and 11 months. Rudhran’s mother has also created a record in India Book of Records for making the maximum paintings with the use of Coffee Powder and in this achievement Rudhran has also helped his mother. At this age, cycling is tough for kids but Rudhran has earn the certificate for ride the cycle and completed 2 km in almost 40 minutes by the Kargil Victory run 2.0. 

The Child Prodigy Magazine recognises the extraordinarily talented kids and Rudhran Rishab Halwai is one of the Top 100 Child Prodigies. He has earned the title “The All Rounder King” for his skills to do everything and try to learn new things all the time

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