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The composition of two lines of Sanskrit, through which some kind of narration is made, is called Shloka. Shlokas are usually in the form of verses, that is, they have speed, yati and rhythm. Being in the form of verses, they are easily remembered but at the age of just 4 years, it is really difficult to recite slokas. Today we are going to talk about a kid Aarav Jain who is an expert of slokas and can recite slokas perfectly.  

In an interview, his mother said that, “when i was pregnant, my grandmother was an inspiration and she told me about garbh sanskar which believes whatever we do during pregnancy, it reflects in the child. I was inclined to that and I followed this garbh sanskar dedicatedly and faithfully. As soon as I saw him, Aarav started to recite slokas at the age of 2 whatever i recited during the pregnancy. He can recite all that slokas on his own. His response about reciting slokas is very good and he can recite 300 to 400 slokas”. 

In Aarav’s bright career and his talent of reciting slokas, his mother has played an important role. And his mother has learnt these slokas during pregnancy from Shrimad  Rajchandra Ashram, Hampi and she gives credit to the family for aarav’s talent. With extraordinary memory power skills, he is able to learn every sloka and story perfectly. He is a bright future of India and his mother gives credit to in -laws’ family who always supported to bring out the best in child. 

He knows more than 100 mythological Jain stories and 40 bhajans. In an interview, his mother said that “my message to all women is that children come out extraordinary out of garbhasanskar therefore it’s my humble request to follow garbhasanskar during pregnancy , don’t miss this beautiful period of adding constructive qualities in ur child for a healthy society and healthy nation”. 

The Child Prodigy Magazine recognizes the extraordinarily talented kids and Aarav Jain is one of the top 100 child prodigies. He has earned the title “Best Slokas Reciter” from the Child Prodigy magazine for his learning and reciting powers.

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