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Most babies first learn to walk and talk before developing any skills or hobbies, but this was not in the case of 4-year-old  Artist Saanvi Dale. When she was 18-months-old, she started to learn painting by herself. Saanvi Dale’s talent is not something you can distill into a formula or anything like that, it seems to naturally come out of her.

 Like most kids, she started with crayons. However, it was impossible to limit her canvas to the sheet of paper in front of her. She used all available floor space and walls. Once she started talking, she would explain what she was trying to create.

In an interview, her mother stated that “As she was already creating enough mess for me to clean up, I never thought of giving her paints. I used to draw her favorite characters from movies or books and she loved to color them with crayons. She did that with amazing precision for a 2-year-old, patiently spending 3-4 hours with unwavering focus, on drawings that were sometimes larger than her”. 

Further, the parents of this girl tell “Once she got her hands on poster colors, there was no stopping her”. I had to keep buying more and more drawing books and different kinds of paints every week. She was completely immersed in the process and spent hours every day painting. The concentration, focus, and creativity that she showed at this young age were amazing. As a doting mom, I would simply tape her paintings to the walls of her room, and she was always elated and excited to see them displayed there. Very soon her room looked like a mini gallery of her works and I think she found it encouraging.

Her mother also added “I am not from an art background, and I thought my opinion of her art was deeply biased. Fortunately, we had a strong artist community around, these professional artists started noticing and appreciating her work. It was then that we realized that what she was doing was unusual”. 

When Saanvi Dale moves her little fingers on a blank canvas, it is almost impossible to predict which masterpiece will take birth on the canvas. The art prodigy is a young artist who sees the world through a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and fantasy. According to Saanvi’s gallery, looking at her work is like you enter a dream through a child’s lens with the sophistication and maturity of an adult. She has been complimented on her choice and blending of colors, brush strokes, and creative imagination by several professional artists. 

At the age of 3 years 4 months, she completed a 30-day art challenge initiative by InkEd, Mumbai. She created 40+ beautiful paintings in 30 days, 26 of which were displayed in her virtual art gallery. They were put up on the gallery for display in Oct 2020. She is a recognized artist by Monash University Australia. She is the youngest artist to get this recognition. In October 2020 she won an “ALL INDIA ART CONTEST”. Saanvi was picked by InkEd as the “Artist of the month” for May 2021.

Saanvi has shown a keen interest in books and learning since an early age. She loves listening to storybooks. Her favorite authors are Julia Donaldson (all her books), Enid Blyton (Magic faraway tree and Wishing Chair Stories), and Roald Dahl (this is her current obsession).

Her ability to comprehend and perceive is remarkable for her age. Saanvi is a nature lover and cherishes slow long walks in the garden, observing and talking about everything from the smallest of flowers to the pattern of clouds in the sky. She absolutely adores the beaches here in Goa – sand, sun, and sea. She is a very affectionate child and has a sense of humor.

She loves to make up her own stories. A lot of her artwork is inspired by the stories of her own making. Saanvi paints to express things that fascinate her like small wonders of nature, or spooky Halloween stories. She loves to make up stories and creates artwork to depict and narrate those stories.

The creative head of inkEd studio added “We have known Saanvi since she was 2 years. She still carries the same enthusiasm, passion, and love for art with an equal amount of innocence as she did back then. Her imagination, expressions, and stories fuel every piece of art that she creates. We pray that she continues to stay the same as she is an inspiration to many art students who take the stream seriously. All the best Saanvi”. 

The Child Prodigy Magazine recognizes the extraordinarily talented kids and Saanvi Dale is one of the Top 100 Child Prodigies. She has earned the title of “India’s Youngest Creative Mind” by The Child Prodigy Magazine for her love of drawing and art. 

June 23, 2021

Amazing and awesome!! Way to go Saanvi.. And a big shout out to the parents !!

July 3, 2021

Thank you Trupti for your kind comment ! 🙂

July 4, 2021

Wow Amazing Saanvi❤👌 Well done

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