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Generally, we see that children do very well in their career but they lead a simple life and today we are going to talk about a special kid Aariv Sharma who was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder at the age of 31/2 years. Compared to other kids who are struggling with similar medical condition, Aariv is recovering at a commendable speed. Within the span of 20 months, he has shown great recovery and he is now out of the Autistic Spectrum Disorder with speech just being the only area left to improver. Autistic Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a mental condition which leads to a slower rate of development of a child’s mental faculties. Its symptoms are visible either from birth or during early childhood (in the first three years) and adversely affect the child’s social, emotional and intellectual skills as well as his communication ability. Children who have this medical condition, the upbringing they get is slightly different from other kids as their neural system is adversely affected by this disorder resulting in a definitive change and limitations in a child’s behaviour, which sometimes, is limited and repetitive in manner. 

The ASD affects a child’s learning patterns and the way he/she interact with other people and their surroundings. Sometimes due to their disability, kids are not able to read, write and speak properly. In Aariv’s case, has managed to overcome all of these shortcomings and he is now able to converse properly. His intellectual level and mental facilities are also at par with the kids of his own age he has won various competitions in school. In an interview, his mother had said that “by being a special child, he has recovered a lot in a short span of time and as of now he is even able to do lot of things above his level of the age group. Aariv is also very good at reading, and his memory is very sharp. Be it English, maths or any other subject, he understands every topic in very short span of time. It is not necessary that an ordinary child who has an extraordinary talent can become a prodigy, but a child who has fought against all odds and overcome difficulties to be able to do more than his capacity can also become a prodigy. 

Aariv Sharma is doing much more than his capacity and ability. He is developing his skills in various ways which can ease his life in the future. The Child Prodigy Magazine recognizes the extraordinarily talented kids and Aariv Sharma is one of the Top 100 Child Prodigies. He has earned the title “The Inspirational Boy” for his courage and passion to learn and live a normal life like other kids.

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