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Creativity is limitless and boundless and the little girl Bipaswee Khatri from Nepal has proved that she is creative in dance and music. This 5 years old girl Bipaswee has utilized the lockdown time of pandemic to nurture her skills. During COVID 19, a girl has learned the traditional dance and music of Nepal without going anywhere or taking classes from any teacher.  

Bipaswee has started her dancing and music career by participating in school competitions but she has not stopped her career in school only. At this early age, she is nurturing her dance and music career by practicing at home. In the context of a music career, she sings so well by just listening to the music. She has the talent that she can sing songs in her melodious voice after listening to the song only once.

Due to her music and dancing skills, Bipaswee is one of the top 100 child prodigies recognized by The Child Prodigy Magazine. If your kid is also extraordinarily talented, then nominate your child now.

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