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We all know that yoga is good for health and the girl from Batala, Kavya Aggarwal is really inspiring us to do yoga and exercise. Kavya loves to do yoga from a very little age. Due to her interest in Yoga, she has earned various awards from very reputed organizations. With the support of parents, Kavya has performed at various stages and The Child Prodigy Magazine has recognized her as “The Yoga Champion”. She has earned various awards and a few of her achievements are:

  • She has won India Star Independent Award 2020 for the appreciable work in the field of Yoga.
  • She is the winner of the National Level Pratibha Samman Conference 2020 in the field of Sports and Yoga. 
  • Kavya has earned the certificate for her participation in the “Aiva Quiz” competition. 

This girl believes that modern yoga has developed with a focus on exercise, strength, flexibility, and breathing. It helps in increasing physical and mental well-being. There are many styles of yoga, and none of the styles is more authentic or superior to others, so this girl is proficient in all types of yoga and asanas. This girl prioritizes Ashtanga yoga for a fast breathing process and for this she coordinates the six postures. 

In an interview, Kavya mentioned that yoga is very beneficial like Yoga improves your flexibility, it increases muscle strength, makes your posture perfect, prevents cartilage and joint rupture, protects your spine, strengthens your bone health, and increases your blood flow. The practice of yoga helps in developing the body and mind. So Kavya has good knowledge of yoga and asanas which she has gained from her school, principal, and teachers. Kavya Aggarwal is grateful to Mrs. Bindu Bhalla, principal of R.D. Khosla DAV Model Sr. Sec. School, Batala for motivation.

The Child Prodigy Magazine recognizes the kids who are extraordinarily talented and Kavya Aggarwal is one of the Top 100 Child Prodigies. She has earned the title “The Yoga Champion” by The Child Prodigy Magazine for her extraordinary skills in Yoga.

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